April 3, 2009

Woofs Of My Life - Part 2

Earlier in the post of "Woofs of my life" i had mentioned more about Baby. I only officially had my first experience on how to take care of a pet after I bought him home. Having a pet wasn't as easy as I thought it was. All those poops cleaning, feeding, daily grooming, and everything was quite a headache sometimes. I tak sampai hati beat the fatty whenever he pooped or pee-pee everywhere, and that's why he's not really that toilet-trained.. even until now. Having him around made me learn how to be more responsible towards something and taking care of a dog is like a mother taking care of her newborn child. Now i understand why people say you can agak-agak picture a person whether or not she or he will be a good and caring parent by observing the way they take care of their pet. Seriously though, I prefer taking care of a dog instead of a child. At least dogs won't scream and wail and cry and puke at the same time. *Scary*
Knowing my love for dogs, my dear bought me another dog as his first christmas present for me. Coco was a mix breed of Terrier and Shih Tzu. Coco was an adorable smart dog. He can 'fetch' even without us teaching him how to. But the sad part was, no matter how hard we tried, we weren't able to toilet-train him and he kept pee-ing everywhere!! Hence, he and Baby somehow doesn't get along pretty well, they always ended up bleeding after they fought for jealousy over me sayang-ing who. In the end, my dad gave him away and now he's the precious of a big petshop's owner. Although I was sad to give him away, I'm still happy for him knowing that he's having a better life now. Therefore I still see him once in a while when his owner will bring him over for grooming (and Baby and Coco still kenot see each other face to face 'coz they'll tear the whole shop down). *Haih* Past life's rivalry.

I bought Benji in last year's July, approximately 2weeks after I came back from Canada. Benji or Benjamin Loh (name chosen by my dear), is a Chihuahua with white and light brown spots. Many people with less-knowledge of dogs said Benji's not a pure Chihuahua because they never seen a Chihuahua with a colour coat like his. For Your Information - Yes, there are Chihuahuas with colour coat like my Benji, it's a very rare colour thus is more precious and more valuable. Chihuahuas that are normally seen in Malaysia are white with black spots, white with dark brown spots, or 1 colour-tone for the long fur types. I was anxious if Baby will bite Benji if he sees me carrying him home but thank God!! Not only did they clicked off immediately, Baby somehow thought he's the "tai kor" of the family already, constantly looking out for Benji and taking care of him, but, he'll still lightly bite him and scold him if he did something wrong. Benji's personality is the complete opposite of Baby. Baby is active, naughty, and sociable, where else Benji is extremely timid, anti-social, hate kids, high in curiousity, and smart. He only sticks to me, listen to my words, and is only playful around me and Baby. Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world, thus they need to be fearless and fierceful in order to protect themselves. They'll growl and bite to anything that they thought and sense is a threat to them. Dear got bitten on the nose by Benji once for trying to scare him by imitating the growling sound on him. (My cousin sister once nearly kena bitten by Benji too when she tried to nosey nosey him). And this type of dog trembles alot too. They tremble when they're afraid, and they're afraid of almost everything, most of the time. Or maybe it's just my Benji, I seldom see my grooming teacher's Chihuahua; Daisy (Benji's mother) trembles or even afraid of something. Benji's a picky eater too. He so picky about his food that he seldom finishes his bowl of biscuits, he's also picky even when i'm feeding him human food. In the other hand, Baby is just like a DBKL. He sapu everything that can be eaten. You can see the size differences between the two of them through the pictures that I posted.
They mean the world to me and they are like my sons. I'll protect them, take care of them, and pamper them like precious gems. Nobody can and will take them away from me. I hope owners out there will treat their pet as a part of their family too. Let them feel love and let them make US feel loved. No one likes to be abandon by their own family members. The more we cherish our pets, the lesser organizations like SPCA and PAWS have to worry about the growing amount of abandon dogs and cats; where to place them, how to find the right owner for them, and where to find the financial supporters to support the animals' food and medications.

Let us all lend a helping hand to help these organizations lessen their burdens. Love and cherish your existing pets like your family member and think about adopting a pet rather than buying a new puppy. It saves not only the cost, but a life. If you don't understand how does the adoption process works or how much is the adoption fees, you can always call up and ask. Or, just pick up a copy of Petster magazine at any petshop nearby and flip to the "Pet Search" section where lots of cute lil animals waiting to be adopt.

This is Coco who once brought happiness into my life

This is mi corazon; Benjamin Loh (Benji)

Look how adorable they are when they cuddle up and sleep together.

Benji doesn't really fancy being on the camera..

I lurve my Benji...!!

Benji in his Chinese New Year's clothes

I am a small but mighty CHIHUAHUA!!


My dear trying to get his nose bitten again

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