April 11, 2009

7hrs flight of loneliness to Gold Coast

I was en routed to GoldCoast today by Air Asia X. This is the first time I'm going to Gold Coast and also the first time I'm travelling all by myself. It was a 7hrs night flight and being seated on the "business class" helped more or less on torturing my own self with the "spacious" seat back on the economy class. Their "business class" is more like MAS airline's economy class, a completely different experience and ambiance of a more spacious comfortable seat compared to the other airlines. But hey, what do you expect from a low fare airline...
During the 7hrs journey, I spent most of my time listening to my mp3 and on my NDS (addicted to the new game I downloaded: Gardening Mama). I couldn't sleep well, my mind went through alot of things when I was alone. The loneliness that surrounded me gave me an extra chill feeling; inside out. I miss my dear alot, my mind went through a flashback about what had happened to us for the past week. The songs that I've personally picked and downloaded made my thoughts run even worst. Thinking of the one you love and the relationship you're having while carefully listen to the lyrics of the songs can really help you in finding the green light. And thus, my mind had come clear and my conscience had speaked out loud: I REALLY LOVE YOU ALOT AND YES! MY LIFE WOULD REALLY SUCK WITHOUT YOU!!

I went on board with a "Oh God what is happening to me? why must my life be so screwed up?!" thought and then I landed in GoldCoast and walked out feeling like a new person, the one with the "I finally know what I want" thinking. Feeling semangat in the inside and worn out in the outside, I met my sister who was there to pick me up at the airport. *inhale loudly* GoldCoast.. I smell you now!!

The first day here was just to laze around, no shopping, no sightseeing.. 'coz i fell asleep at home. Hahaa.. It was raining at night and I only managed to walk a little on the street of Surfers' Paradise after dinner. And now, my sis and her housemate Nat are baking Strawberry Cheesecake for me at 1+am (australian time). I guess I'll only be able to comment about it the next day because I wanna call it a day now.

My greasy ham and cheese omelet breakfast
.......... And the rest of the day is history with Zhao Gong ..............

Our dinner at this small little japanese restaurant located at the small lorong of Surfers Paradise

My Sashimi Rice Set...

My sis's special dinner set

This is my beloved sister - Rachel
A very unique shop we walked past: Dracula House

The inside of Dracula House

Some Chucky and Saw figuras displayed on the glass shelf... SO CUTE!!

A scary looking zombie with bunny ears??!! SO wrong compilation..

EEEEEEeeee.... so scary...!!

Wow... she IS good in playing dead...
I feel so naked...

We managed to do a short must-do section of starbuck-ing

Let's call it a day mate... G'Nite...!!

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