June 7, 2010

A tribute to Twitty

Dear spotted Twitty one day when we were at a shopping mall in Hartamas, and she came into our life on the 16th May 2010. Twitty (named after Tweeter 'coz currently i'm so addicted to it) was extremely tame and manja when we got her. We doesn't need to train her to perk on our fingers or stay close to us without flying away because she already knew how to do that since the first day we got her.

Twitty seems to have her own character, and she loves attention. My dear got the full custody of her so he puts her in his office; for he said birds can recognize voices thus the bonding process will be easier and faster if she sees him everyday. Ok.. fine with me. Throughout the bonding period, dear will tell me how naughty she is and how desperate she is in seek of his attention - she'll chirp loudly when she hears him enter the office and would crawl into her food bowl and starts digging her food out! making loud noises trying to lure my dear over to her cage and play with her. Everytime she does that, he'll walk over to her cage and she'll automatically stop digging, jump out, and wait for him to open the door. She is indeed a nuisance, but too adorable that you don't have the heart to be angry at her.

Days were a little more colourful with her in our life, especially my dear's. But a week ago, she suddenly became rather inactive; she seemed sick. It struck us by surprise, why? how come she'll fall sick all of a sudden? We were dropdead worried about her, and we can't do anything about it. Birds - once they fall sick, there are no cure for it. And she was no exceptional. Her condition got worsen day by day, she stop playing and she's losing her appetite. Dear decided to bring her home and give her intensive care for he's worried that she'll not last long. My heart soured seeing her suffering like that; she could barely perk on her branch anymore. Her eyes became swollen, she became so weak that she just lied on the floor the whole day.

You know how people say, when your bond between the ones u loved is strong you can actually sometime feels that something is not right with that person. I guess this theory can be implied on what happened to my dear last Friday night. That particular night, he suddenly told me "I think Twitty is not going to make it through tonight. I think he's going to die." Honestly, i was angry. Why must he always think that she's going to die? she's just sick, she'll recover! and all she and we need is M.I.R.A.C.L.E!! I tried to brushed away what he said, still putting hope that she'll recover. I asked him to search the internet to see if there's any way we can try to do that can cure her. I held her close to my hands while my dear went to make apple honey juice for Twitty to drink. Apple honey juice makes the best vitamins for birds, so we had to force feed her just to make sure she has enough vitamins in her body; maybe that can help her through her recovery. It was so hard for us to force feed her because she was so stubborn! All she managed to drink was just a few drops.. We sat in the room and held her close to us till wee morning. I was trying hard to not fall asleep but i failed. Upon seeing me struggling to keep my eyes open, dear asked me to go to bed first. He said he knew that Twitty is just waiting for this chance; she wants to leave in the hands of her beloved owner. Buggie characters are rather similar to dogs - they'd pretend to be ok in front of their owner when they're sick although they're suffering inside, some will disappear minutes before they die because they doesn't want their owner to see them leave, while some will choose to stay close to their owner minutes before he/she leaves them. This goes the same to Buggies. Her heartbeats were slowing down when i last bent over and kiss her goodnight.

The next morning when i woke up, i tried to convince myself that Twitty is already better, but, the reality is always ugly. Dear said she passed away in his hands yesterday night itself, or that particular morning itself (it was already 5am when i went to bed).. It aches everytime hearing a pet that once touched our hearts, has left this world. Although our time spent together with Twitty was not long, but her beautiful chirps and sneaky naughty actions remain strong in our hearts. At least, she has made a print in our hearts.

"You no longer need to suffer now Twitty.. You are free to fly and roam the world.. But just remember, that me and your beloved owner, will always miss you"

Twitty never wanna get her hands off my dear.. She just sticks to him like UHU

These photos were taken on the first day we bought her. She's already so manja with us we can already kiss kiss her without kena bitten on the mouth by her.

This is her favourite lepak place when she's in our room.. Manual cuckoo clock.. =) Photos are not many but the pictures in our mind are loaded with beautiful images and memories.. =)