September 10, 2009

Hair colour dilemma~

Okay people, here's the thing. There's a promotion going on at my regular salon recently - half price for ALL chemical treatments - perming, treatments, and hair dye. Since i need to retouch my hair roots (for it's getting more n more obvious with the ugly two-tone), i decided to go do it since there's such a great deal going on. But then, Joanna - the salon lady boss, told me that because i've done retouching too many times there're now too many different layers of colours on my hair, so why not, dye the whole hair since it's half price? Then ok lor, since i'm dying the whole hair why not i try another new colour right?? I leave the decision to her to decide what colour is suitable for me, and after the whole process, i looked into the mirror and realised my hair is SUPER orangie!! It's brownish orange to be exact. It made my face looked even more 'whiter'! I kind of like the colour though, although it made me look pretty scary. Some people said my previous hair colour suits me better and some said my new colour suits me better too. So i'm confused, stuck in the middle. Should i keep this hair colour or should i dye it back like the way it was before?? I need your suggestions. To make you guys decide better, here are some pictures of my now n previous hair colour. Please please help me out!!~

My previous hair colour is brown yellowish:

And now my new hair colour is brown orangie:

Really really please help me out here. I'm in a dilemma right now!~ Please leave a comment and tell me if i should keep this colour or dye it back. Or does it not makes a different. I really appreciate every comments from you all!~