May 29, 2009

Yet another birthday celebration

It's friday and the office ambience feel nothing like a working day because we have something to celebrate about today. YAY!~ It's Sherny Tan's birthday celebration and as usual, we FEAST!! I enjoy working in this office because everyone treats each other as a part of a big family and best of all, there's NO office politics. Maybe except for one or two exception. But there's never grudges against each other or put it in heart for they'll just bring out the topic and argue about it and settle the problem quickly. That's why, it's never boring because there's always some new 'drama' to watch. =p

A birthday celebration in the office will never be complete without the cute birthday jelly cake. It's the in thing in office right now. Everyone gets a cute birthday jelly cake on their birthday. I wonder what will i get for my birthday. Hmm.. probably jellycake won't be the in thing anymore next year. Maybe it's Haegan Daz chocolate ice-cream cake!! *Slurp*

Less talk, ladies and gentlemen, i present you, the cute jellycake for Sherny's birthday. *Drums roll*

TADAA!!~ Cute leh.. taste good too.. =)

HIGHLIGHT of the whole jellycake - it's a lamb not a dog. KAWAII NE~~

We named the lamb Sherny.. HAHAHA!

If i lick it it's mine.. *evil grins*

The cartoon jellycake is the best choice for those who want something fresh aside from lame spongecake. It's great for picture taking and taste good too. Suitable for kids and adults. You should try it.

Grape jelly.. yummy

Happy Birthday to you, Sherny.

The girls at Bestour.

May 13, 2009

I had a dream

The story begins like this,

One fine day, me and dear was paktor-ing at this particular shopping mall, holding hands, walking side by side, doing some window shopping and other stuff that couples do. SUDDENLY, he fell down (forgotten if it was on purposely or he really did fell) flat on the floor. It was hilarious actually - can you imagine if you're walking with your partner and he suddenly just fall flat like a pancake kissing the shiny cold tiles? My first reaction would be to point at him and laugh like shit. But I did not do that lar of course, have to jaga his image mar.

Anyway, here's the climax of the story. Passersby apparently stopped, gathered, and stare at your i-think-he-is-dead boyfriend and he's still lying flat on the floor. So, when i was about to bend down and check if he's really dead, he SPRUNG up! and shouted "WILL YOU MARRY ME??" wtf?! In which movie did he learn of this new proposing tactic??!! I froze, shocked, speechless, as my mind went blank and my soul had left my body. "John loi lor.." (means come back in Hakka)

He then held out two rings and shove it right into my face. (He wasn't lying on the floor anymore). To my surprise, one of the ring were the Gucci ring i posted earlier in my blog and another one was a simple sophisticated beautiful diamond ring. So ssswwweeettt!! I never see or heard anyone propose with two rings before and I don't know why he bought two instead of one but who cares?? He's proposing!! And of course, I said "YES". I took the ringS, he stood up, we hugged and kissed, the kaypohs were clapping hands, and..

RRIIINNGG!!!~~ ring? What? One of the shop's security alarm went off? Where is it coming from? My face feels wet too. What the heck is going on? The romantica image begins to change into........

BABY??!!! What?! It's a dream??!! It's not real! WTF!!?? Urgh!! Stupid alarm clock, ruined my beautiful dream. Dismayed that it wasn't real i let it go on Baby, because it's his fault too for licking my face and waking me up! No worries, i didn't kill him. I just hugged him tight and do the popiah roll exercise with him. *Sigh* I just wrote a post about my besties getting marry and now i'm dreaming of being proposed myself? This could be a sign... hmm...

I'M NOT DESPERATE TO GET MARRIED OK!! Every girl will get to experience this one day, it's just the matter of time. It's the experience that I'm eager about, thus it doesn't make me a lunatic desperado. Dear, if you're reading this, please don't copy the version of my dream. I doesn't want to see you lying flat on a shopping mall's floor. I love you. =)

There's no actual picture of the other ring he "gave" me because it's NOT REAL. So i googled up a diamond ring that looked 80% like the one in my dream. Nice huh?

May 6, 2009

Chicken little jelly

We had a mini birthday party for one of our collegue in the office during lunchtime today. Today's birthday girl/lady is.... *drums roll* Grace!! from our U.S department..! YaY!! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happppyyy bbbbbbbbiiiiiiirrrrrrttthhhhday to yyyoooouuuuu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! *Blow candle*

Being so conveniently located just opposite Pavillion, a few monkeys were sent to walked over 2 buy a CAKE and tapow pizzas and KFC back. But they came back with this:

KAWAII-NE!!~~ From the picture you may think we're celebrating a 4year-old kid's birthday, but in fact she's already 30. Ops! I just revealed her age! Hehee.. i hope she's not reading it. =p

And because it's too cute everyone berebut-rebut to take picture with it. Everyone were passing it around and holding the fragile plastic plate slightly upwards when taking photo so that the jelly can be seen clearly, i thank God that the jelly made it into our stomach, and not on the floor.
I CHOP this one already!! It's mine!!

The lady on the right is the birthday girl Grace. Shall we not bother about the one on the left. Let's move on. =p

This is Joan from Golf Department.

Sherny from Tour Department

Mei Ling from Ticketing Department

And this is me, from Account Department. See what I meant by EVERYONE now?

After everyone was settled down from the omg-so-cute excitement, we gathered up everybody (almost) for the typical birthday song choir. But, a teenie weenie incident occurred before the choir could start singing: NO candles. No candles to blow? WHERE CAN??!! Thus we searched high and low for birthday candles, or second hand candles also can (too desperate already). In the end we only found something that can be considered similar to a candle:

"Heong" !! Or colok in malay!! wtf??!!

FINALLY! Now it's time to eat..!! But it's not the food I've been eagerly waiting for, it's the Chicken Little jelly!!

MALI MALI!! Eat eat eat!!

My so so so so cute little chicken jelly. Too cute that I don't feel like eating it. (>.<)
I stared and snap snap tis chicken little for more than 5minutes before...

I finally decided to bite his head off. Yummy!~

May 5, 2009

I hear the wedding bells...

............. but not my own ...........

It's from my two very very super super good friends: Xeing and Suzanna. I am ever so happy for them when they break the news to me. I'm glad that they managed to find happiness and the one in their life. Seeing them leading a happy life with the one they love made me turned green in envy. But good envy not bad. How could I ever have bad thoughts about a friend that I've known for 10years and 15years?? omg i didn't realised that we've been friends for THAT long already.

Hearing Xeing tell her story on how her boyfriend voiced out his opinion or so-called pre-proposal to her totally touched my heart, deeply. Although it's said from her side of version it could already made me feel like crying - like as if i'm watching some Korean drama. I've heard alot of her problems with her boyfriend and what kind of person her boyfriend is and it totally skipped my mind and gave me a shock how he managed to say out such touching and beautiful speech like that to vow her. To be honest, I've looked down on him and I take this chance to sincerely apologise to him. I only want my zhi mui to be happy and now I think she's one lucky girl. I wished he (my bf, not hers) would present and vow me with a beautiful touching speech too. *Sigh*

This is the lucky girl I've been talking about.

Our faces looked like we're too fat to fit into the lens. wtf!? Oh.. the one at the far left is another zhi mui, Veron.
Suzanna, my darling kentutz! We have known each other for as long as we could remember. We evolve together from a 7 year old girl to where and what we are today. We have both seen the ugly sides or faces of each other, ponteng tuition together, lepak together, and did alot of silly things together-gether. She's one crazy bestie and also a crazy girlfriend. No wonder Azlan or kawan-dari-Klang (that's what I call him) love her so much. They've been together for more than 7years and they both absolutely make a perfect couple together. Malay version of proposal is totally different from Chinese, thus I need to get in details about their procedures first. "I'm so sorry my laling I couldn't accompany you to Bandung to buy your wedding's preparations modules. i promise I'll make it up to you k? Miss you alot lar!! Bila nak lepak nie??"

See, we got same long straight hair. =p

And this is what I meant by she's crazy.

Somehow writing all these made me sound like I'm so desperate to get marry. I'M NOT K?? Erm... ok lar, maybe a little. But hey! That doesn't mean I'm desperate ok.. who doesn't want to be with the one they love forever and ever happily ever after? A fairytale ending is every girls' dream and I'm just a simple girl.