May 29, 2009

Yet another birthday celebration

It's friday and the office ambience feel nothing like a working day because we have something to celebrate about today. YAY!~ It's Sherny Tan's birthday celebration and as usual, we FEAST!! I enjoy working in this office because everyone treats each other as a part of a big family and best of all, there's NO office politics. Maybe except for one or two exception. But there's never grudges against each other or put it in heart for they'll just bring out the topic and argue about it and settle the problem quickly. That's why, it's never boring because there's always some new 'drama' to watch. =p

A birthday celebration in the office will never be complete without the cute birthday jelly cake. It's the in thing in office right now. Everyone gets a cute birthday jelly cake on their birthday. I wonder what will i get for my birthday. Hmm.. probably jellycake won't be the in thing anymore next year. Maybe it's Haegan Daz chocolate ice-cream cake!! *Slurp*

Less talk, ladies and gentlemen, i present you, the cute jellycake for Sherny's birthday. *Drums roll*

TADAA!!~ Cute leh.. taste good too.. =)

HIGHLIGHT of the whole jellycake - it's a lamb not a dog. KAWAII NE~~

We named the lamb Sherny.. HAHAHA!

If i lick it it's mine.. *evil grins*

The cartoon jellycake is the best choice for those who want something fresh aside from lame spongecake. It's great for picture taking and taste good too. Suitable for kids and adults. You should try it.

Grape jelly.. yummy

Happy Birthday to you, Sherny.

The girls at Bestour.

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