May 6, 2009

Chicken little jelly

We had a mini birthday party for one of our collegue in the office during lunchtime today. Today's birthday girl/lady is.... *drums roll* Grace!! from our U.S department..! YaY!! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happppyyy bbbbbbbbiiiiiiirrrrrrttthhhhday to yyyoooouuuuu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! *Blow candle*

Being so conveniently located just opposite Pavillion, a few monkeys were sent to walked over 2 buy a CAKE and tapow pizzas and KFC back. But they came back with this:

KAWAII-NE!!~~ From the picture you may think we're celebrating a 4year-old kid's birthday, but in fact she's already 30. Ops! I just revealed her age! Hehee.. i hope she's not reading it. =p

And because it's too cute everyone berebut-rebut to take picture with it. Everyone were passing it around and holding the fragile plastic plate slightly upwards when taking photo so that the jelly can be seen clearly, i thank God that the jelly made it into our stomach, and not on the floor.
I CHOP this one already!! It's mine!!

The lady on the right is the birthday girl Grace. Shall we not bother about the one on the left. Let's move on. =p

This is Joan from Golf Department.

Sherny from Tour Department

Mei Ling from Ticketing Department

And this is me, from Account Department. See what I meant by EVERYONE now?

After everyone was settled down from the omg-so-cute excitement, we gathered up everybody (almost) for the typical birthday song choir. But, a teenie weenie incident occurred before the choir could start singing: NO candles. No candles to blow? WHERE CAN??!! Thus we searched high and low for birthday candles, or second hand candles also can (too desperate already). In the end we only found something that can be considered similar to a candle:

"Heong" !! Or colok in malay!! wtf??!!

FINALLY! Now it's time to eat..!! But it's not the food I've been eagerly waiting for, it's the Chicken Little jelly!!

MALI MALI!! Eat eat eat!!

My so so so so cute little chicken jelly. Too cute that I don't feel like eating it. (>.<)
I stared and snap snap tis chicken little for more than 5minutes before...

I finally decided to bite his head off. Yummy!~

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