April 17, 2010

Adopting is ALWAYS an option

Tomorrow is the day!! woohoo! What is there to be so excited about tomorrow? THIS!!:

100 days for 100 stray animals to find a new home!! Such a charitable event how can anyone NOT be excited about it?? Starting from tomorrow, Petster team and a few more NGOs such as SPCA, PAWS, Petfinder.my, and many more will be in Tropicana City Mall to help make this adoption drive a successful one..

We as the organisers, of coz, ned to be at the mall a night before the actual day (which is naw!!) to set up the venue.. so since i can't help out much.. (coz i'm a girl mar..) =p decided 2 snap a few pics n blog about it..

just a small space given at level2.. but it's more than enuf.. =)

*disturb disturb*

Look who i met there? It's Chucky!! Say hie Chucky..!

I'm so excited i can't wait for the sun 2 come up tomorrow..!

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April 15, 2010

UNICEL Animal Day 2010

Last Saturday, UNICEL (a university in Shah Alam) organized a 'Animal Day' to raise awareness and educated students more on animals. Petster magazine was invited and given a booth there to help spread some educational facts. Majority of the animals in the hall were cats and exotic animals - snakes (i like!), scorpions, iguanas, etc. With such a golden opportunity given, we had the chance to bring our 5 monkeys kittens out for adoption and give them a chance to have a new home. F.Y.I the 5 stray kittens were picked up by my dear and his partner Danny when they were stopping by a petrol station last 2 months. One of them were seen wandering around the petrol station and when my dear asked a cleaner about that kitten, she brought them to her storeroom where there were 4 more of them! Although their mother was around, the cleaner advised them to take the kittens for their mother seldom look after them and they're at risk of getting run over by cars going in and out of the petrol station. Thus, they took them back to the office, awaiting for the day where they'll all be adopted by serious cat lovers.

The day finally came. The whole Petster team woke up as early as 7am to gather together in their office, have breakfast, packed all the necessary stuff up the cars, and find our way to Shah Alam. But as usual, we got lost; 'coz both the driver and passenger of the leading car is somehow suck at recognising roads (dunno why we let them lead oso!) XD Conclusion - after so many U-turns and roundabouts, we finally reached - LATE! But hey.. it's better late than never right? kekee! *Cover up* I almost kissed the ground that we eventually found our way.. lol! Upon reaching, i quickly went to the kittens to see if they're doing alright (so worried they might get carsick!).. eventually they do not get carsick but they looked timid, knowing as if they're going to be separated from each other... =(

Once we've done setting up our booth and putting the kittens up on the table, students started surrounding and all the "eeeee... comelnyer!!" and "awww... kuchi kuchi kuchi!" started coming out lar... and much to our surprise, the kittens were ALL adopted in less than 30 minutes! We were like "ok... so what next?" hahahahaha...! We ended up sitting there and loitering around for the next 3-4 hours... I'm really happy for those kittens who've finally got a new warm home yet i still missed them terribly!

At another corner, there were a small circle of cages where all the nice exotic breed cats are. Although they're very nice to look at, but they are still cats after all. Exotic breed or local breed - they are still cats and they still need love from us. I took a few pictures of them though... i still prefer my 5 monkeys!!

Leg licking good.... lol!

sleeping so slumber.. to hell with all the noises and flashes..

These are OUR OWN local breed kittens!!

I miss my blackie.. =(

Petster T-shirt is available for sale... only RM32! Come visit us at Tropicana City Mall and get ur t-shirt!!

Snake feeding demonstration - too cruel to watch.. the birdie was still alive!

You wan a piece of me?!

Danny help bathing the burmese python.. it's time to get over ur fear dude!!

Had a great time =)

LOOK!! Leopard sunnies, leopard jacket, and leopard pumps!! And yes, i'm wearing a jacket when the sun was shining directly at me coz i was COLD! It was 3plus in the afternoon... there's sumthin wrong wit me!

* Petster Magazine will be organizing an Adoption Drive at Tropicana City Mall starting from this weekend onwards all the way to June! Feel free to drop by and maybe help give a puppy a new home.. cya there!

April 8, 2010

Bangs or NO bangs??

I've been having this middle parting long curly hair for 2 years already and i think it's time for me to change my hairstyle again. But i ain't gonna cut it short!! You girls should know how so damn hard it is to grow back your hair long after you cut it short - it takes FOREVER!! so nope! i'm NOT cutting it short.

Having been a regular reader of japanese fashion mags such as Popteen and Vivi, it seems like bangs are still the current hairstyle for them; besides middle parting of course. The more i go through their pages every month, the more semangat i get and the more they made me have this urge of getting back my bangs... but my sis and boyfriend is banning me from doing so due to their own reasons - dear said i look childish with it and my sis got scared after i had a little spirit experience when i was having bangs years back. SO HOW??!!! i don't know i'm in such a dilemma right now! I managed to find back some pictures of me with bangs and compared it to now... i like both! Can u guys gimme some suggestions whether should or should i not do it again??

And my current hairstyle naw...

I think having middle parting makes me look a little more old mature... what say you?? I really can't decide.. but i really do feel like cutting bangs back right naw!!

April 5, 2010

i lurve my iPhone!!

Ever since my sis gave me an iPhone I CAN'T GET MY HANDS OFF IT!!!! &*%!*#%* it's so damn freaking addictive!! With SO many applications to play around how can i ever get bored with it??!! It took me quite a while to learn how to use this damn phone (i'm a lil bimbo on high tech stuff), and after i got the hang of it i started downloading those fun applications and games.

Sometimes i don't really use those applications i downloaded (i only downloaded it because my sis's said it's kewl) coz i was too busy on the games.. but eventually, because i was so damn bored at home the other day - i begun to play around with the Photoshop app. This photoshop app made me go "wooahhh" and "ooooo" the whole night and i couldn't stop cam-whoring ever since! I didn't know the functions in this photoshop app is damn easy to use! With just a touch of your fingertip you can turn a simple not-so-nice colour picture into a "wahhhh..." picture with nice quality colours. RELI ONE!! I played around with a few effects... lemme show u!!

this is the vibrant effect... it automatically adjust the colour, brightness, and contrast for u..

This four box with different colour thingy is the POP effect... dun really know what is so pop about this effect though... not listed in my 'favourite' list...

THIS is in my favourite list!! The 'vignette blur' effect... got abit of the SLR feel lar but not as perfect as the real SLR.. now i can achieve the blur effect at a fingertip away... i loike!

The 'warm vintage' effect... i kinda like this one too.. the effect give the picture a little vintage feel to it. This is on my top3 list...

White Glow effect is not bad too... =)

Last but not least, the 'Soft Black and White' effect.. i alwiz like black and white effects dunno y.. next time if someone took a picture of u but u look very chan coz u dun haf any makeup on.. change it to the black and white effect then people kenot see the chan-ness of ur face adi.. hehee.. trust me it works!! So tunggu apa lagi all iPhoners?! Go download the PS Mobile on ur iphone naw!!