April 5, 2010

i lurve my iPhone!!

Ever since my sis gave me an iPhone I CAN'T GET MY HANDS OFF IT!!!! &*%!*#%* it's so damn freaking addictive!! With SO many applications to play around how can i ever get bored with it??!! It took me quite a while to learn how to use this damn phone (i'm a lil bimbo on high tech stuff), and after i got the hang of it i started downloading those fun applications and games.

Sometimes i don't really use those applications i downloaded (i only downloaded it because my sis's said it's kewl) coz i was too busy on the games.. but eventually, because i was so damn bored at home the other day - i begun to play around with the Photoshop app. This photoshop app made me go "wooahhh" and "ooooo" the whole night and i couldn't stop cam-whoring ever since! I didn't know the functions in this photoshop app is damn easy to use! With just a touch of your fingertip you can turn a simple not-so-nice colour picture into a "wahhhh..." picture with nice quality colours. RELI ONE!! I played around with a few effects... lemme show u!!

this is the vibrant effect... it automatically adjust the colour, brightness, and contrast for u..

This four box with different colour thingy is the POP effect... dun really know what is so pop about this effect though... not listed in my 'favourite' list...

THIS is in my favourite list!! The 'vignette blur' effect... got abit of the SLR feel lar but not as perfect as the real SLR.. now i can achieve the blur effect at a fingertip away... i loike!

The 'warm vintage' effect... i kinda like this one too.. the effect give the picture a little vintage feel to it. This is on my top3 list...

White Glow effect is not bad too... =)

Last but not least, the 'Soft Black and White' effect.. i alwiz like black and white effects dunno y.. next time if someone took a picture of u but u look very chan coz u dun haf any makeup on.. change it to the black and white effect then people kenot see the chan-ness of ur face adi.. hehee.. trust me it works!! So tunggu apa lagi all iPhoners?! Go download the PS Mobile on ur iphone naw!!

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