March 25, 2010

The confession of a leopard freak!~

I read an article in the newspaper a couple of days ago and they were featuring a few people who collect collectibles that are out of the ordinary and owns thousands of them. Bottle covers, coasters, pencils, alot alot lar... Sometimes i wonder what is the factor that drawn those people to collect weird stuff like that? Some things are not even valuable nor special in my own point of view.. it's not like as if they get to bid their stuff off E-Bay and earn a fortune out of it... but after reading the article, i truely understand that these people collect stuff base purely on their own interests and likes, thus i now is not afraid of admitting my weird collection (some say i'm already obsessed with it) of leopard print. XD

Don't really remember when i started to fall in love with leopard prints but it's been more than 4 years i'm obsess in love with it.. leopard prints were rare in sight back then, but thank god to the recycle of fashion trend leopard print is back in action!! woohoo!! Now i can find almost everything in leopard print!! Shades, bags, clothes, manicure designs, accessories, the list goes on... i try my best to owe almost everything in brown leopard prints (coz' leopards are brown... duh~ ), other girls might prefer pink leopard prints but i say BROWN LEOPARD PRINTS IS THE BEST!! I believe almost everyone who know me; be it close or just a hie-bye friend, knows i'm a leopard print freak... why ar?? is it really that obvious?? My colleagues even call me 'leopard girl' wtf! -.-||  My collections are really not that many yet but i swear there'll be more to come.. I would also like to thank all my girlfriends who bought me leopard-print souvenirs from overseas so that i could add in into my collection... thanx girls!

Clockwise: Make-up bag (souvenir from HK), Tissue box cover and Pencil case from Sg.Wang

From top: Sunnies from Topshop, Specs from Thailand

I don't know what forx i bought this 1-meter leopard-print cloth for... and is still thinking why... hahhahahaha... i'd thought of making it into curtains... any idea where i can get it sew??

Clockwise: Hair clipper and head band from Bangkok, Earrings from Sg.Wang, Leopard print heart shape necklace from HK, and leopard ring from Diva

My first ever pump!! I bought it just because it's similar to leopard print (yeapz it's not leopard print because those black spots for leopard print are smaller) and also because it's soooooo comfy inside!!

Leopard print sling bag from Thailand

M.A.C limited edition lipgloss - it's orangie in colour and i don't wear orangie lipgloss.. and yes i really bought it for the sake of the leopard print cover...

These are all presents from my dear dear.. From top right: Miss Whatever pouch, NDS leopard print sticker he specially ordered from E-Bay, Coin purse from Roxy, and G-Cube leopard print mouse.. thanx dear!~

Leopard print luggage from Thailand

My birthday present from my dear: Gold leopard print watch from Guess? My favourite watch right now!!

1-piece dress with white base leopard print skirt from

Leopard dress from also.. hehee!

Leopard print long hoodie from HK

Leopard print short hoodie from Xeing

Leopard print satin V-neck dress from Forever21

Leopard print lingeries from Cotton On

Actually there are many more other items i did not take because i either bought them or people give it to me after i done taking all these pics.. i lazy wanna wait so i only share abit with u guys oni lar.. eheheehe!


  1. Hi - can you please tell me where you got your leopard luggage and if I can get my hands on it at some store? Do you know the brand?

    Thanks so very much!


  2. hey rachel, sorry 4 the late reply.. i got the leopard luggage from platinum mall, bangkok. it doesn't have any brand and i don't think it's available in other store because i don't seem to see it anywhere else =)