March 18, 2010


Early this month, i organized a surprise party for this someone special in my life, someone who's always been there in my life ever since i was 2 years old, someone whom i've fought with, hug and cried with, who else could it be none other than my one and only beloved sister - RACHEL LOH!!

I've never organize a party before for anybody especially surprise parties, but with the help of surprise genius - Mr. William Tan a.k.a my darling and also special task agent - miss YY.. the party turned out to be a successful one. Never did it came across my mind that my sister never once had a birthday party at home, i've been such a failure to only realised it when i heard my sis complaining about it one day when we were yumcha-ing. Hence, i decided to make a memorable one for her this year.

Throughout the whole week before the actual party date was crazy!! Secretly calling and texting my secret agent and discussing with my dear how to make the surprise party a memorable surprising one for her. Everyone was so helpful on that night and i truly appreciate the Petster team for helping out on the BBQ section. Everyone did their part in making the party a memorable one that night. Thanx people!!

preparing the food and stuff before my sister comes back..

after receiving a call from another secret agent.. dear and his team began to peep whether my sis's reaching already anot... everyone was so excited during that moment (he even wanna do a rehersal for the surprise-shouting moment!!)

I asked: "Burger why are u squatting down?" and she replied "I dunno, because i see u and your friends squatting down so i squat also lor.." hhahahahahaah!

Anyway.. the moment arrived when we hear my sis's car arrived outside the gate... everyone was so gun cheong and trying to stay as quiet as possible.. the minute she entered the gate everyone rushed out from inside the house with a popper in their hand and shout...


*flash flash flash* here was a funny scene during that moment: YY, dear and his team was actually facing the left gate thinking that she'll come in from there.. but eventually she came in from the right gate then they were like "ei?!" turn around and shout SURPRISE! hahahahahha!!!

the makan party starts!! everyone was sooo hungry after waiting for so long they started eating straight away after the surprise-shouting section. I wonder if they're happy because my sis came bek or happy because they finally can dive into the food??

Our BBQ chef - KENNY!!! what will i do without your help?? XD

Those who attended the VIPs only private party (chewahh.. make it sound so exclusive):

Our one and only bak fatt moh lui (white hair devil) - watch journey to the west and u'll understand whom i'm preferring to.. XD

My mummy's girlfriends - clockwise: Aunty June, Aunty Lisa, Aunty Jenny, and the dai ka jie Aunty Alison.. hehee!! thankiu all aunties for coming!!

Petster Team!! From left: Danny, Elcho, Joe, Dear dear, Andy, and Kenny (was currently unavailable to be in the picture because the chef kenot be away from his position =p )

My zhimuis: Xeing and Veron!!

All our aunties uncles and cousins!!~

The 38 Erina/Ribena/Vanilla Wong

From left: YY (my secret agent... thankiu lovely for your effort thrown in this party!! muax muax!), and Burger - dunno wat's her real name XD

I will want to upload all the cakes pictures in another post because i SO wanna share with you people the jelly cake that i personally chose for my sister... can't wait!!~


  1. im looking forward to the specious nen nen cake!! the pic,which burger was squatting down make me laugh,luckily i didnt.. so silly~ give a clap to urself , u did a great job. hopefully she feels happy in this 22th birthday party.

  2. gif a clap to both of us!! *clap clap clap*