February 11, 2010

My 24th Burpday!~

Can't believe i've been on this blardi planet earth for 24 years already!~ hahahahhaa!! n i think i just publicily exposed my age *shit!* There's actually not much to blog about my birthday because i've been through 23 birthday and this year is no exceptionally. It's just the different of the people next to you and how i celebrated it.

This year was actually a miserable turned happy birthday celebration. I don't want to mention why but most importantly is at the end of the day... i'm HAPPY!~ My dear brought me for a nice simple dinner and then he took the effort to drive all the way to The Curve - the place where we first held hands for a nice stroll and a nice tea section at Starbucks. I'm already old lar k i don't need any happening celebrations at dunno which happening club get drunk and hangover the next day. I'm really too old for that.. *sigh* As age catch up, i would prefer to just have a nice relaxing celebration with my loved ones and a bunch of good girlfriends.

As for my presents this year *teehee*, i received more than i did last year.. and i took pictures of them!~ Pictures always mean a thousand words!~

We went to Madam Kwan for dinner and i ordered my favie Nasi Bojari and then my dear ordered me a sambal petai too because he said "i noe u love petai" aww... so sweet dear!! n then we both have smelly breathe for the rest of the night... disgusting yet romantic XD

Guess what's inside??

It's the gold leopard watch from GUESS i've been drooling over for months!! n everytime i show it to my dear he just turned a deaf ear on me didn't know he really kept it in heart n bought it for me on my birthday!! i love u sooo much dear!!

The rest of the presents are from:

my lovely cousin sis - Sammi.. i love it it's very the wangi!~

FujiFilm Limited edition polaroid camera together with the films from my beloved sis and YY.. i've been longing to get one of these polaroid camera for years!! And it's specially brought back from Taiwan!~

A lovely heart-shape necklace from my 2 beloved zhi muis: Xeing and Veron - they said this heart shape represents both of their hearts for me n i must handle it with care.. don't worry girls.. ur hearts r safe with me.. muax!~

Last but not least - the most unexpected one - is from another 38 zhimui of mine - ah ching!!! i was supposed to go to her salon for my CNY manicure n she did this LV nails for me, when i wanted to pay she said "no need.. this is my bday present for u!~ i kenot get u the real LV so i give u LV nails instead.." hahahahaha... so sweet i like it so much!!!!! n she purposely made the middle finger one longer for u-know-wat purpose.. hahahahahha!!

I'm going to blog on another post on my early birthday celebration with my darling kentz, azalia, sharika, saadah, veron, and xeing because there's alot to write about!~

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