April 27, 2009

Last Saturday, Guardian Pharmacy held a charity based walkathon event at Sunway's Elephant Walk. Dear's company was in charged of the whole event so I had the chance to tagged along and kaypoh. It was a walkathon competition joined by the normal people and the strokists from Nasam Association. The event started from 9am till noon. You only need to pay RM25 to join and you get a full entrance to ALL Sunway's parks and lagoon. Therefore you'll also get alot of free samples from Guardian's existing brands like Loreal, Tiger Balm, Nivea, etc. So, MOST of the participants came mainly not for the walk but for the extra benefits. (You know lar, typical Malaysians)

We reached the Sunway Amphitheatre like, even before sunrise. Standing at the amphitheatre at 5 in the morning surely is scary. Dim lights and scary sounds coming out from the petting zoo really isn't a nice place to explore. Having not getting any sleep at all the night before, me and dear was completely worn out by the time the event started. I was there, kaypoh-ing, running here and there, lepak-ing at the back stage, peeping from the backdrop at the huge swarm of people wearing the same colour shirt doing the "happy feet" dance, was kind of fun.

The crowd this year was easily a few hundreds. Most of them came with their families, some even came with their babies in the pram (those obviously we know what's their motive being here), and some even came wearing jeans and slippers. Through this kind of event, we could see all sort of kiasu people. But what I anticipated to see most was the strokists. Most of them were elderlys, some in wheelchairs. What I respected them the most is their confidence, their positive thinkings, and their enthusiasm in taking part. No matter how difficult it is they can still go through it and finish the walk; win or not. In the other hand, I have to say, I am ashamed of those normal people like us, who were actually arguing about who's winning - just for the sake of the prizes. There were arguments and complains about who don't deserve to win and there were finger pointings at who main tipu, who ran instead of walk, bla bla bla. I stood there, witnessing everything, every kind of different situations and characters. Everyone swarmed to the starting point when it was about to start, but when the horn went off, those in the front line disappeared into thin air, while those behind - walked a few steps and then lepak at the pondok just in front of the starting line and wait for the whole thing to finish. wtf?! Even all the strokists walked the whole round, and you people; with perfectly functional hands and legs just stood there fanning yourself and wait for the rest to come back? Do you even feel ashamed for yourself? 'Coz I do for you. Win or not, it's the procedures that matters. I see the strokists was already so happy that they actually finished the walk, they are already a winner in heart.

Being able to come and see this event was an eye opener for me. I have participated in activities back in our Humanitarian Club during high school - visits to elderly homes, hospitals, orphanages, mental wards - been there done that. But witnessing walkathons or jogathons like this, is my first time. And I felt privileged having given the chance to witnessed it. With due respect, I did not snap any photos of the strokists, because I never know if they'd like their pictures taken and being post on the net. I have pictures of myself though. But I don't know you guys want to see the strokists more or me lar, I assume it's me so... *perasan* Hahaha!

Guardian Nasam Charity Walkathon 2009

A small amount of participants who arrived super early enjoying some free activities - face painting, free candies and samples giveaway.

Dear fooling around at the back stage before the event start.
Sorry gambar pecah lar..

A tired looking panda couple

I managed to sneaked into the petting zoo before the event start. And this little fella was the first to greet me. A red fox that doesn't look so red. Shy fella. *cute*

I think this is some sort like a Kangaroo. Don't know what it is but dear said it's a kangaroo. So, a kangaroo it is.

The black goat was trying to hump the brown goat but before I managed to snap it the warden walked over and kacau. Darn!~

Look!~ A swarm of penguins.. ops.. i mean humans doing the "happy feet" dance.

And then all the penguins swarmed the starting line. Looked so semangat - actually they're not. *hmph*

I found a secluded hide out spot with AIR CONDITIONED!! This is the only place to be when the sun is blazing outside.

*SSSHHHH* Dear didn't know I took a picture of him curi-ing tulang.

Tear down is one of the worst part in an event. But not for me, because i just sit there and watched. =p

I was so sick of wiping my sweats I just clip the tissue between my shades, and it made me looked like as if I just came out from a plastic surgery. The organizers thought my nose was bleeding. wtf!~
Fore Dakar Kurum - See you again in Bangladeshi language (-.-)"

April 20, 2009

I hate April

I'm finally back from Gold Coast!! WUUHHUU!!~ (am i the only person who sounds happy coming back to Malaysia or what?) I missed my dear and my babies SSOOOO much!! And I also missed my sister the minute I entered the immigration. *sigh*

The minute I stepped down at the LCC terminal I was greeted by a soured face immigrant officer who doesn't even say "Good morning, how are you?" nor even a forceful smile, unlike the Australian officers, so humble and polite. Therefore, it also took FOREVER for the luggages to come out from the luggage belt. It was as if everyone's waiting for their favorite sushi to come out from the belt - all eyes looking so eagerly at the belt as each luggage was thrown out. wtf!~ Now I sound like a super biatch complaining and whining about almost everything; thank YOU AirAsia. Despite getting used to the lovely breezy weather back in Gold Coast, it felt like as if I've just landed on Sahara desert when I walked out the Arrival Hall. The heat, the dust, and the smelly Indonesia cigarette smokes filled the air. And that is so - Kuala Lumpur. But, all those unpleasant sights and smells soon vanished as I saw my dear's car parked at the driveway to picked me up. Seeing him was like given a jap of sugar rush, as if my eyes could suddenly only see nothing but him. No words could describe how happy I was the moment I saw him, but, I have to admit it wasn't a happy meeting but we managed to sought things out after that. =)

I managed to capture a few snaps of how the AirAsia X looks like. Let you guys feel the sempit-ness and the torture I've been through during the journey back home. Seriously, without my NDS I wouldn't know what would have become of me. Maybe I'd be dead, maybe I'd be left in the plane because nobody could see me behind that massive spider web, or maybe I'd turn into a hideous monster gobbling up every crying babies and kids and the air stewardess who kept on coming to me and asked if I want to buy some movies to watch. Excuse me, other airlines are F.O.C FREE OF CHARGE!! And now you put a small screen in front of me, that I couldn't watch nor hear some music, not because it's not working, it's perfectly functional - unless you pay RM30 for it. Well, thanks but NO thanks. I rather stick to my own MP3 and my NDS, and maybe try to get some sleep when the babies and kids stop wailing and crying. Thus, I was gladful that I'm seated at the X class because I wouldn't even want to think about it if I'm actually seated at the normal seats. Thank God! Oh yea, they also gave me a little souvenir - a sore bum and shoulder

If that doesn't make my story bad enough, I think this will complete the list: I was told by my dad when I got home that when I was in Australia, an idiotic psycho jabroni maniac freak climbed into my house and stole ALL my clothes, undies, and bras that was hung out to dry. Why did I said he's a maniac? Because he stole ONLY MY CLOTHES and not my dad's!! What made me even more outraged was all the shorts and skirts he stole were MY FAVORITE!! Now how the heck am I gonna buy those back??!! I doesn't need this to be a reason to renew my wardrobe.. I WANT BACK MY SKIRTS AND SHORTS!! I CURSE YOU SEI BIN TAI LOU!! To add to his bin tai-ness, he also stole Benji's toy!! Humping doll to be exact. What kind of crazy people they have out there nowadays..! This is definately not a good month for me, neither it is for my dear. April sucks!
Let's just see some pictures to soothe the mood shall we?:

The last glimpse of Gold Coast's clear beautiful sky - Bye bye sis... dear I'm coming back!!~

Air Asia X

The free to touch but please pay to watch screen
So during the whole journey, I...


and sleep...

with my NDS. MY SAVIOUR!!~
Sunglasses, shades, sunnies, or whatever you call it, can do wonder to girls like me.

Besides being fashionable..

It can also hide your I-look-ugly-without-makeup face. Do you want to see what's behind this shaggyicious shades?
BOO!! did i scare you?
Oh... oh... check out my oh-so-oyishii mini sweet tooth craving nails

April 15, 2009

Shopaholic on the loose!!

Today will be my last day in Gold Coast for I am going back early morning tomorrow. I remembered wrongly and thought i was going back on Thursday midnight and reaching KL on Friday afternoon when actually it's on Thursday wee morning, reaching KL Thursday noon. Everything turned last minute and our plan to Movie World had to be cancel. *shitty* And therefore, I had only 2days to shop before I go back.

All the shops were finally re-opened yesterday and we managed to do a little shopping in Brisbane's duty free factory outlets called DFO. FYI: the shops here closes at 5pm and because we woke up late (as usual), we had to rushed our way there and drive through MCD for lunch in the car. The menu in Australia is slightly different than Malaysia's MCD (y other countries always seem to have nicer menu than us?!) Korea have Pork Burger, HK have Ebi Prawn Burger, and Australia have... Double Beef Bacon Burger!! Sounds yummy huh? And it does taste as good as the name sounds. And because it's sooo good, I had it again for lunch today. Hahaaha!! They also have Frozen Coke or Coke Beku. It's more like 7-11's slurpies and it also reminded me of the Coke Beku my primary school used to sell, how I'll buy it in the canteen everyday after school and how I have to hit it on the wall or the staircase to break the ices inside in the bottle. *Refreshing* Yesterday was not much of a shopping spree since we only went to 1 factory outlet. I didn't manage to sapu alot of things because the shops there are mainly local brands and i ended up buying only some lingeries - an 1hr plus drive to Brisbane and all i bought was just 2 nighties and a few undies. wtf!~ By dinner time, we went to a Taiwanese restaurant and I was SO hungry i gobbled up everything and then only remember "Oh shit! I forgot to take pictures of the food!" Oh.. and also, they have pretty nice bubble tea there too. There aren't much pictures of yesterday's event because when it comes to shopping, I just tend to forget about everything else (even though it's just lingerie shopping). And that's why, I'm combining yesterday's and today's shopping spree details - into one blog. Enjoy!~

Double beef and bacon burger.. only at MCD Australia

Ladies and gentlemen, let me demonstrate to you how delicious it looks and tastes like when i bite it and a mixture of mustard and tomato sauce spilling out the side of the burger. *slurp*

Finally get to snap a picture of my cheesecake's chef + my sis's housemate: Nat

The inside of DFO - i doesn't know what's the full name for it but it's nearby Brisbane Airport

"My 2nd Home" Taiwanese restaurant. They have recorded updated taiwanese programmes and also taiwanese magazines. Boss, staffs, and customers are majority taiwanese too.

Bubble tea.. simply bubblistic!!~

The after picture of my dish... hahaha.. nak jugak take although I've already finished eating it. stewpid me. >.<" A little something to splurge on myself.

This was how we ended the night. Gold Coast could be pretty boring at night. All cafes closes latest by 12am. No yumcha section here and that's the only thing I like about Malaysia = 24hrs mamak.. or OldTown.
And here are what we did and where we went today:
First stop: Harbour Town. Another factory outlet in Gold Coast. Didn't take the picture of the main entrance, so i put my ownself instead... boleh lah...

My new favorite Charles&Keith sunnies~

Curi-curi take picture while my sis's trying out her clothes inside POLO changing room. Kekee!

Can't help it when i see a big mirror in front of me with nice lighting, sowie.

Look!~ I spotted a big woofie!!~

And a small woofie!! They're here to shop too!

Hey, say hie to the woofers out there..

Next stop: Pacific Fair Shopping Mall

Yo yo! Sisters with shades in dha house! (perasan hip hop)

Guess what i'm eating?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are like J.Co in Malaysia. People queue up like crazy just to get a bite of it. And i still prefer J.CO over this 'coz this original glazed is too sweet for me. I heard they're opening in Times Square soon, you guys can go try it.

I have FINALLY found the MAC Hello Kitty Collection's grey nail polish!! It costed me slightly more expensive than Malaysia but it's worth it because it's completely out of stock all over Malaysia!~

Oh yea~ oh yea~
(doing the chicken little dance)

What i had sapu-ed during this whole trip. If only i got more time... *sigh*

One happy "tourist"
My sis trying to cook me Thai fried rice after she had watched and learnt it from YouTube. Erm.. doesn't sound convincing to me. But what to do, she's my sister and who else but me to be her white mice.

Sabotaged a little.

TADAA!! It's as tasteless as how it looks like, but the taste of sisterhood blended warmly into the rice and melted sweetly into my throat. I'll always eat whatever my sister cook for me, and no matter how bad it taste it'll still taste good to me. I lup you sis!

The whole of Gold Coast night view. Amazing.

Last stop: Broad Beach. Sitting at the beach at night, listen to the crushing sounds of the waves, the bright moon shining at us from above, the stars competing with each other to be the shinest bling, my shadow in front of me - dark - like my future road ahead; there'll be ups and downs - like the tides; but there will be nothing to worry about for the moon and the stars will shine their brightest to show and guide me the way, so i won't be blinded by the darkness and can't find the way out.