April 12, 2009

Special made-for-me Cheesecake

I was saying yesterday night in my blog that my sis and her housemate Nat was baking me a Cheesecake in the middle of the night. I later then found out it was their first attempt to bake a cake. I was curious how it'll turn out, don't know if I'll eat until kena food poisoning anot.. wtf!~
Here are some pictures of before and after the baking process:

The chef and co-chef preparing the ingredients for the cheesecake

After done baking and everything, the cake is put in the fridge to chill

TADAA!!!~ Home-made cheesecake!! Outer appearance looks OK... wonder how does it taste like...

Add a glass of chilled own-made lemon lime bitter to the taste..

The co-chef... the chef is not available to attend our photography session..

Hmm.. let me try first... *scared scared*


HHOOUU... HHHOOOUUU... HHHOOOUUU.... SSSEEKKKK... ar....!! hahahaha... ok lar... not that exaggerating... but it's ok for first attempt, so I give them a thumb up!! Ganbatei!!~

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