April 8, 2009

Last Sunday, a team of kind-hearted students from Taylors' College organized an event called H.O.M.E Carnival project to spread the awareness of animals abuse to the public and also in conjunction of Petster Magazine 1year anniversary. The event took place at Summit USJ from 9am-5pm. Besides Petster, there were also a few other pet-related booths at the event. There were booths from SPCA, Pets Icon, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, Fluff Pet Shop, and Samsung (I know it sounds weird - what is Samsung doing in a pets event?!)

Due to the location, the crowd was mainly from passer-bys and shoppers in Summit. There weren't so many people who brought their pets along, compared to the other pet events that I've been to. Flashback from my memories, I think there were only less than 10dogs during the event. Besides the crowd, the HOME Project team members pulled off the event successfully. They managed to arranged the entertainment side quite well. They had invited radio DJs from Fly FM and MIX FM, and local bands like ManHand and CrossFire. The HOME Project deserved a round of applause for organizing this event because it's hard to have a bunch of youngsters (say until as if I'm so old liddat. LOL!) that had the heart to do something about animals abuse. I was there to help out in the event for Petster and seeing the owners with their pets made me felt like a mother who lost her child. I missed my sons even more and the feeling I had back then was to quickly go back home and hug my babies.
Here are some pictures I took during the event:
The MCs for the day

Magazine @ Petster Network backdrop

Petster Magazine's booth; next to it is Fluff Pet Shop

Pets Icon - doing their part by doing RM5 grooming

Kittens out for adoption in the SPCA corner

More kittens and cats - super cute and naughty

This female dog is already 5years old and she's still waiting for a kind-hearted people to give her a place call HOME

Another 2 mix breed puppies out for adoption - see their puppy-eyed look, so kesian. Make me feel like taking them all back home.
Doing my part donating for SPCA donation - bought a SPCA mouse pad for RM6
There was a hand painting booth also and this is how it works:
Let them paint your palm with a washable paint

You can mix the colours or draw a silly face on your palm

Then place your palm on the big white banner cloth

And then sign your big name next to your own palm's painting

This is how it'll look like after that. Remember to wash your hands too! (Dunno why the picture turn out side way)
Pictures of some cute furries i managed to capture:

Cute lil sesated poodle who pooped nearby our booth

It was really hard to capture this lil fella 'coz he's sooo active and kept on running around.

A picture of some happy parents with their babies. How warm.
he rest of the activities that took place:
The local band - ManHand

A short talk and interview with the 2 local DJs (forgot what's their name adi)

Editor and Founder of Petster Magazine: William Tan, giving out a speech before the cake cutting ceremony.

Petster's boleh-tengok-tak boleh-makan 1year anniversary cake

GROUP PICTURE!! The whole HOME Project crew, William-Petster, Yang-Fluff Petshop, Jacinta-SPCA, and Valerie-Pets Icon

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