April 13, 2009


It rained the whole day today.. and it's still raining now. I guessed it's raining season now in Gold Coast, and the shops are closed for 2days; yesterday and today, kinda wrong timing to come over. My mood swings along with the weather - moody. Doesn't feel like having a tra-la-la holiday mood despite what had happened before I came over, I felt more like having a breaktime, a cool off break, or whatever u call it. *Sigh* why can't I just have a happy mood for once everytime I travel?!

We drove for 45minutes to IKEA today to buy some furnitures and miscellaneous for my sister's room. (Am I really here for holiday or what?!) I'm actually here in Australia Gold Coast, IKEA-ing. Not bad not bad. The food, the catalogue, the showrooms and furnitures are exactly how the IKEA is back in KL. Surprised how they actually managed to syncronize everything internationally, the same.

Going back, it was still raining. We stopped by a supermarket to buy ingredients for our dinner. Sis is cooking me steak tonight. I am definately gonna gain a few.. no... i think it's ALOT of big FAT pounds when I'm back. Besides weight gaining, I also gained a little skills and knowledge of how to cook a medium rare steak! tTrust me in cooking a steak when I almost burned down my kitchen trying to cook a sunny side up for my Indo Mee.

We spent the whole day at home because it was still raining and we couldn't go anywhere. Stuck at home with no TV, no nothing; how sad and pathethic.

Us on the way to IKEA..

Cam-whored a little during the 45minutes drive... so sien

Gazing out the window, looking at the raindrops, thinking of what he is doing right now

Inside IKEA for lunch - Swedish meatballs with chips, and a glass of Pepsi to quench our thirst. We queued up for almost half an hour for these meatballs and they gave me chips instead of mashed potatoes.. all thanx to my sis.

Shopping shopping shopping~~ but it's all not for me.. =(

Back home after shopping, my sis marinated the steak with red wine and garlic for the extra umph before cooking it.. can't wait can't wait!

Start cooking edi!! Smelled great!!~

Asparagus for side dish and she is so kedekut to only cook me 1 side dish. Fridays also give 2 lar weh!!~

First, i tried the steak - medium rare nicely done to suit my appetite =)

Then, the asparagus. Hmm... taste just like... asparagus!!

I am now too full to write or comment about anything else.. x.x''

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