April 13, 2009

A peaceful state of mind...

The day started with a lil' cam-whoring...

My second day in Gold Coast and yet it'd already feel like a while. It's Happy Easter Holiday today and most of the shops are closed. And so.. I took the opportunity to sleep 'till 3 in the afternoon... hahaha.. what a lazy ass.. Since all the shops were closed, our itinerary for the day is just... going down to the beach.

My sis brought me to a beach call "Spit the beach"... erm.. sorry.. it's "The Spit Beach" (Syok Sendiri) I called it the "Woofies' Beach" because it's the only beach where patrons are allow to bring their dogs along to play and exercise by the beach. The breezy wind and peaceful sight of owners walking their dogs, swimming with their dogs, or playing fetch with their dogs, bring calmness into my yet miserable piece of mind. I managed to take a few snaps of the scenario for you dog lovers out there so you'll understand how I'm feeling at that moment. I wished KL have such a beautiful place that I could be able to bring my babies out to play. Those woofing moments didn't last long because the beautiful weather was soon overcome with dark clouds and drizzles, we quickly left before we have to paktor under the rain.

The path to woofies' beach

Fluffy clouds + surfer waves + clean water = beautiful

Owners playing fetch with their pets...

This family owes 3 dogs.. this one is more of the I'm-taking-care-of-the-family dog..

This is another dog of theirs with a pair of ying-yong colour eyes

The brown one loves playing in the water..

A weird looking jack russel from another owner..

Another playful dog passing his ball to my sis..

Look at all the woofies and their happy owners.. sweet
A family of Bull Terriers (From left): son, mother, and daughter

Look!~ Paw prints!!~

Say hie to the camera Charlie..

Managed to cam-whore a lil before raindrops start falling on our heads.. and ruin my hair..

From my personal survey, I noticed there's alot of Asians staying here in Gold Coast, especially Japanese and Koreans come next. This place is majority bombarded with Japanese restaurants. There's certainly a Japanese restaurant in almost every corner. We had Japanese for our dinner yesterday, and we also had Japanese for dinner today. Sushi Train is something like our Sushi King, except the dishes here are fresher compared to ours, and is done by true Japanese, not Malays, nor Chinese. My sister pinpointed me how the ang mohs actually put mayonnaise on their sushi instead of wasabi and there's actually a LCD screen TV showing how to use chopsticks and what sauces to be use, specially dedicated to the ang mohs.
The Sushi Train Restaurant

Some of the dishes I managed to capture.. the rest is history inside my stomach...
Since it's Easter Holiday and tomorrow is also a public holiday, the streets of Surfers Paradise were flooded with teenagers all ready and set to colour the town red.. or black. Every well-known clubs were full with human caterpillar queue at just 8pluspm, and by almost midnight there were already some drunkies walking around the street doing what drunk people do; puking and making a fool out of themselves. Walking around the streets surrounded by tall people (those ang mohs damn tall weh), we squeezed our way through into a mall and to an arcade where my sis said they have this photo sticker machine that can send the pictures you took into your mobile via bluetooth! Sounded cool, but when we were already standing at the machine it read: Send the pictures to your mobile via INFRARED..!! INFRARED??!! who the heck still uses infrared now??!! Darn! But we still took it for memories sake. A picture always means a thousand words, and it's always worth keeping. I managed to bought a few kinky stuff for my dear at a kinky shop *wink*.. and then crossed the street to starbucked our night away. *yawn*
Surfers Paradise main entrance

A weird fruit snack we bought at the night market. It's called 'Flat fruits' and it's made of real fresh fruits. We bought 1 with a combination of Strawberry, Mango, Passionfruit, and Dragonfruit. Quite chewy, like a fruity gelatin chewy candy, very fruity-licious.

See how i can actually tarik the candy like teh tarik...

Some of our sticker pictures taken with our own camera. Which one do you think it's the nicest? I've numbered the pictures, paw me and tell me your fave:






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