December 30, 2009

X-Mas 2009

Christmas is over.. but yet the festive mood is still luring inside us as the festive ambience is still there. I'm sure u guys had a blast during the eve celebration this year - club hopping and drinking and stuff. Me and my dear, in the other hand, went through a quiet yet memorable celebration this year. No clubbing, drinking, or went anywhere near places full of massive crowds. We celebrated our way through Christmas with a nice dinner, nice movie, and a nice long tea section; just the both of us.

Presents is a must during Christmas - be it big or small, cheap or expensive - it's the heart that matters. Before this, i told my dear that i was broke and have no money to buy him any Christmas gift this year, and he came out with this idea of making each other a card with whatever we can find in our house. Honestly, once he suggested that, i was like "Shit! i suck big time at DIY. i prefer buying." but i was broke. Few nights before eve, i'd went through everything i thought was possible to use to make a card and i nearly burst my brain trying to think how to make a card. I even wrote on my FB wall hoping ideas and advices from my friends will help me sought a way out. Eventually, it was my own lack-of-creativity sense that killed me. I sat down in my room which all the 'tools' scattered around, stared at them for a few hours and i still can't get any idea!! Time was short, and i gave up. In the end, i went and bought him a card and a belt. That eve night, we exchanged our gifts and he surprised me with his own handmade card and made me feel so bad coz his card was super awesome!!

This is the paper bag where he puts his card in - he made the bag himself too!!

The front cover of the card - he threw it himself.. =)

This is how the card looks like when the lights are turned off..   =p
When the lights are on...

TADAA!!!! Super cool for a DIY card huh?? It's a musical card by the way.. and it has lights too!! The background and words are all cut out from my back-dated Cleo magazine.. teehee!!

His card left me speechless with words and i was super touched with his artwork. I loved it alot!! and it's priceless!! It's worth more than any Gucci or LV bag!! Thanx alot dear!! I love u lots!! You know you can always make my day with your mischievous surprises.. =)

This year's Christmas is one of the most memorable one i had with my dear and i appreciate him day by day. New year is just around the corner and i can't wait to count down the last hours of 2009 with him!!~ Ops.. someone is here and he wanna say hie too..


Yeapz.. have a great countdown to all of u guys out there!! Hope 2010 will be the beginning of the end for many of you!! And may the start be a new better happier one!!

December 24, 2009


i wrote this in my FB wall few weeks ago: the two KINGS of my life is conquering my QUEEN size bed and only leave me with a SINGLE size space to sleep on.

Now, not only they're conquering my bed, they conquer my bantal busuk also!!~ The pictures below will explain everything.

P.S: Please mind my sleeping face. All these pictures below are taken secrectly by my sister.

So now u know what i mean..

September 10, 2009

Hair colour dilemma~

Okay people, here's the thing. There's a promotion going on at my regular salon recently - half price for ALL chemical treatments - perming, treatments, and hair dye. Since i need to retouch my hair roots (for it's getting more n more obvious with the ugly two-tone), i decided to go do it since there's such a great deal going on. But then, Joanna - the salon lady boss, told me that because i've done retouching too many times there're now too many different layers of colours on my hair, so why not, dye the whole hair since it's half price? Then ok lor, since i'm dying the whole hair why not i try another new colour right?? I leave the decision to her to decide what colour is suitable for me, and after the whole process, i looked into the mirror and realised my hair is SUPER orangie!! It's brownish orange to be exact. It made my face looked even more 'whiter'! I kind of like the colour though, although it made me look pretty scary. Some people said my previous hair colour suits me better and some said my new colour suits me better too. So i'm confused, stuck in the middle. Should i keep this hair colour or should i dye it back like the way it was before?? I need your suggestions. To make you guys decide better, here are some pictures of my now n previous hair colour. Please please help me out!!~

My previous hair colour is brown yellowish:

And now my new hair colour is brown orangie:

Really really please help me out here. I'm in a dilemma right now!~ Please leave a comment and tell me if i should keep this colour or dye it back. Or does it not makes a different. I really appreciate every comments from you all!~

August 30, 2009

1Malaysia - my own story behind

Okay.. so every Malaysian know the theme for our independence day this year is 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia, 1bangsa, sehati sejiwa. And the 1Malaysia song is not bad too. So what exactly does this 1Malaysia means? I'm sure everyone has their different answers to this question, but somehow, they all links. To me, it means that no matter what races we are all from, we all stand and unite as 1. Because we are all Malaysians. And i'm honestly proud to be one. We have all the benefits being a Malaysian. We get to know people from many different races, and yet we can all speak the same language and be able to understand each other. Not only that, we get to understand their cultures, eat their food, and perhaps even speak their language. Here we have government school; which consists children from all races, Chinese schools, and Tamil schools. And in this modern era, Chinese and Tamil schools no longer consist of just purely Chinese and Indian students. Now, they have Malays and Indians studying in Chinese schools, and Chinese and Malays studying in Tamil schools. I can tell you that now even some Malays and Indians speak better Mandarin than i do.

I personally, was in a government school since Standard 1. A girl school to be more specific. (BBGS rules!~) Since young, i have friends from all races. I had a chance to experience their cultures and their way of living; up close and personal. 2 of my many bestfriends when i was in primary school are Indians. I still remember how i used to overnight at their houses, pray together with them (yeapz, i even went to their temples too), eat their mom's cooking, bath together-gether with them. (Ok, that was a little bit too detail), i even learnt Indian dance together with them too! But i ended up half bucket water only lar~ But as time goes by, as i grow up, things change, and people come and go. So do friends. As i entered Secondary school, my group of friends are not the same anymore. By then, my bestfriends and my gang, are majority Malays. Somehow, i feel more comfortable around them. With them, i learnt their cultures too. When they puasa, i sometimes puasa together with them, during Hari Raya, i visited their house and join in the celebration. Of course, we need also respect their culture. That's why, it gives me another reason to go shopping - for baju kurungs. Thus, because of this, i now speak fluent Malay. Everytime i speak to a random Malay they'll surely say "Wow, melayu you bagus lar. Langsung tak ada slang Cina."

You know how some people can turn out to be rather racism, and i'm lucky to have a group of friends who accepted me for who i am, regardless the differences in my race and cultures. To them, i am an OCBC (Orang Cina Bukan Cina). Believe it or not, one of them, Suzanna, a very close friend to me since we were in Standard 1, and now, we are bestfriends. It's very hard to find a friend whom you basically has known each other for 16 years, even more harder if we are both from different races. Now that we are all grown up, some working and some are still studying, we still try our best to come out for a drink once in a while. Buka puasa gatherings are one of our must-attend gatherings. And everytime we're out in a group, people tend to look at me in a weird way, because i'm the only Chinese. Hello!~ Chinese Indian or Malay, we are all Malaysians, and that's nothing weird about it. That is why, our prime minister came out with this 1Malaysia theme. 1Malaysia, 1bangsa, sehati sejiwa! Get it??

My 2 bestfriends - Suzanna and Azalia

This is my gang of monkies since Secondary school. From left: Azalia, Suzanna, Hamzi, Shiela, Lynda, Jannah, Kak Pah, and Zila.

This is taken during our recent buka puasa gathering

I also call her 'mamalia' - short form of Mama Azalia. Hehee!~ She's also our secret weapon everytime our class kena spot check. We hid our handphones underneath her tudung. SShhh!!

Shiela a.k.a Ja-Rule - my partner in crime in school. She ranked first in the discipline board and i was second. =p

This is another monkey - Sharika.

Nina is a sweet girl i met in college. =)

The boys i mix with in college (yes i mix with malays too in college). From top left: Longan, Azril, and Haziq.

August 27, 2009

My skin's bestfriend

Last few weeks, i was forced by my dad to go to this cosmetics and skin specialist clinic and get these tiny moles on my face laser. I didn't want to actually, because i think it's not necessary. It's too tiny that people will not realise it unless you come really really close to my face; which i think not many people will do that besides my dear. I'd probably already slap them the minute they try to do so - except for the doctor, of course.

But ok, in order to please my dad, i went. So, i was in the clinic and the doctor came to check on my face first, in order to see whether or not i'm suitable to do the laser treatment. Then he said "You have a fine porcelain skin. Very good skin. I'm glad you take good care of it. Do you really need to remove the moles? It's so tiny nobody will even notice. Therefore, i'm afraid the laser treatment might spoil your skin. I advice you rather not take the risk." *Phew* Luckily even the doctor advised me not to do it, if not, i really do not know what kind of excuse to give my dad. But that's not really the main point. The main point is, i was actually quite flattered by the compliments. I have good skin.. like OOooohhh!!~ To be honest, this is not the first time i receive this kind of compliment. Everywhere i go, all sorts of people i meet - i hear the same thing - "Oh.. your skin is so nice!~ What skincare do you use?" (Obviously girls will only ask about the skincare i use).

Now, i'm here to reveal the answer, and to share with everybody, the secret to my beautiful skin. My skin's bestfriend - SK-II!! I'm sure some people will go "Chiu!~ So expensive sure nice lar the skin." Yes, it is expensive but isn't it worth every single cent when you get such great results?? SK-II is, well, needless i say more, infamous for their pitera essence, or magic essence as many described it. They have many other products that are pretty good too, like their masks for example, but i don't have the need to use those stuff right now. I was introduced to this product by my mom when i was 16 and i've been using it ever since. Many people said that SK-II products are more suitable for ladies 30 years old and above, but i guess i'm a pretty good example to prove them wrong. It highly depends on the type of product u'r using. I'm currently using only their pitera and their milk moisturiser, and yet my skin is doing well. There's always mix and match, even skincares. In my opinion, their cleanser doesn't really cleanse, so i chose a different brand to cleanse my face. Pros and cons definitely exist, like they said SK-II causes cancer; is there any scientific proofs to that accusation?? Nobody knows, but what EVERYBODY knows, SK-II works!

The pitera essence are selling for approximately RM400 for their 150ml bottle (if i'm not mistaken) and currently, in conjunction with their 30th anniversary, they out with a limited edition 250ml bottle for only RM462. I've already grab mine, so what are you waiting for? Go grab one and make your skin beautiful.

The secret to my crystal clear skin...

Can't live without it~

August 3, 2009

1 Day at Hong Kong

As i've said many times earlier, we took a 4AM ferry ride to Hong Kong (yes i know it sound crazy, but it's TRUE). Many people said "Siao ar! Go Hong Kong so early for what?!" Ok.. we gave many excuses to those people, but the truth is that because we want to make everyone in the group happy. Because some have never been to Hong Kong, so they wanted to go to some tourist spot and take pictures, and for some people like me - who has been to Hong Kong like a zillion time - only wanted to go SHOPPING! That's why we were there so early so that we can go take pictures first, and then only go shopping. Suffering i know, but as long as everyone is happy. There are not many pictures in HK beside some tourist spots we went to because, obviously, we were too busy shopping! (sorry but i must put a exclamation mark at every shopping! word to exclaim how excited i am when it comes to shopping!) =p
Hong Kong Ferry Terminal

This is how the 5am morning scenery looks like..

Our first stop was to the MRT Hong Kong station to put down our luggage. There's a place at the station where you can put your luggage for a short period of time and the rental fees are count by hours. 6hours and above are consider a day. We, obviously paid for a day and it only costs us HKD25 per luggage. Better than bringing it along with us.

Next, we need to figure out which transportation to use that's easiest for us to reach our destination.

Look at the morning MRT traffic.

We've reached the nearest station to our first destination. I was SO happy to thought that i've reached; but i was wrong. It was still a LLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG walk ahead. wtf!

Ok.. everyone tried to look happy and excited in this photo because yikang said
"OI!~ semangat abit lar!~ Like want to die lidat!"
See the coloured monogram decorated building on the far left? That's where the Louis Vuitton Exhibition is being held at. It was at the other side of the island, plus i didn't have enough time to go. =(

The Golden Bulhinia Square

The buses morning shift just began to run and we were the first passengers for this bus to Tsim Sha Tsui.

So ngam managed to captured my own image through outside reflection.

My breakfast: Ice Lemon Tea and Nissan noodles with Satay pork.

Eat bao bao already, what else? SHOPPING LAR!!~

After we took this picture, i saw something and shouted "OMG LOOK!!~"

Owner that looks 90% like his dog. wtf!~ hahahahahahahaa!!

Maybe it was punishment from GOD for laughing at that dude. It begun to rain.. HEAVY rain!

We can't seem to go anywhere yet because of the rain and the shops in HK don't open early (the shops only started to open after lunchtime). Time is precious and time should not be waste; so to ensure our time is well use, we starbucks lar of course.. Nobody can escape from Starbucks when you're with me. *ngek ngek ngek*

Ugly faces #1

Ugly face #2

Ugly face #3

beh tahan liao~~

Go walk walk... still raining... *haih*

~ let's just say the rest is history ~

...... until we reached the airport

Bubbye Hong Kong~ Bubbye Macau~~