August 3, 2009

1 Day at Hong Kong

As i've said many times earlier, we took a 4AM ferry ride to Hong Kong (yes i know it sound crazy, but it's TRUE). Many people said "Siao ar! Go Hong Kong so early for what?!" Ok.. we gave many excuses to those people, but the truth is that because we want to make everyone in the group happy. Because some have never been to Hong Kong, so they wanted to go to some tourist spot and take pictures, and for some people like me - who has been to Hong Kong like a zillion time - only wanted to go SHOPPING! That's why we were there so early so that we can go take pictures first, and then only go shopping. Suffering i know, but as long as everyone is happy. There are not many pictures in HK beside some tourist spots we went to because, obviously, we were too busy shopping! (sorry but i must put a exclamation mark at every shopping! word to exclaim how excited i am when it comes to shopping!) =p
Hong Kong Ferry Terminal

This is how the 5am morning scenery looks like..

Our first stop was to the MRT Hong Kong station to put down our luggage. There's a place at the station where you can put your luggage for a short period of time and the rental fees are count by hours. 6hours and above are consider a day. We, obviously paid for a day and it only costs us HKD25 per luggage. Better than bringing it along with us.

Next, we need to figure out which transportation to use that's easiest for us to reach our destination.

Look at the morning MRT traffic.

We've reached the nearest station to our first destination. I was SO happy to thought that i've reached; but i was wrong. It was still a LLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG walk ahead. wtf!

Ok.. everyone tried to look happy and excited in this photo because yikang said
"OI!~ semangat abit lar!~ Like want to die lidat!"
See the coloured monogram decorated building on the far left? That's where the Louis Vuitton Exhibition is being held at. It was at the other side of the island, plus i didn't have enough time to go. =(

The Golden Bulhinia Square

The buses morning shift just began to run and we were the first passengers for this bus to Tsim Sha Tsui.

So ngam managed to captured my own image through outside reflection.

My breakfast: Ice Lemon Tea and Nissan noodles with Satay pork.

Eat bao bao already, what else? SHOPPING LAR!!~

After we took this picture, i saw something and shouted "OMG LOOK!!~"

Owner that looks 90% like his dog. wtf!~ hahahahahahahaa!!

Maybe it was punishment from GOD for laughing at that dude. It begun to rain.. HEAVY rain!

We can't seem to go anywhere yet because of the rain and the shops in HK don't open early (the shops only started to open after lunchtime). Time is precious and time should not be waste; so to ensure our time is well use, we starbucks lar of course.. Nobody can escape from Starbucks when you're with me. *ngek ngek ngek*

Ugly faces #1

Ugly face #2

Ugly face #3

beh tahan liao~~

Go walk walk... still raining... *haih*

~ let's just say the rest is history ~

...... until we reached the airport

Bubbye Hong Kong~ Bubbye Macau~~

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