August 27, 2009

My skin's bestfriend

Last few weeks, i was forced by my dad to go to this cosmetics and skin specialist clinic and get these tiny moles on my face laser. I didn't want to actually, because i think it's not necessary. It's too tiny that people will not realise it unless you come really really close to my face; which i think not many people will do that besides my dear. I'd probably already slap them the minute they try to do so - except for the doctor, of course.

But ok, in order to please my dad, i went. So, i was in the clinic and the doctor came to check on my face first, in order to see whether or not i'm suitable to do the laser treatment. Then he said "You have a fine porcelain skin. Very good skin. I'm glad you take good care of it. Do you really need to remove the moles? It's so tiny nobody will even notice. Therefore, i'm afraid the laser treatment might spoil your skin. I advice you rather not take the risk." *Phew* Luckily even the doctor advised me not to do it, if not, i really do not know what kind of excuse to give my dad. But that's not really the main point. The main point is, i was actually quite flattered by the compliments. I have good skin.. like OOooohhh!!~ To be honest, this is not the first time i receive this kind of compliment. Everywhere i go, all sorts of people i meet - i hear the same thing - "Oh.. your skin is so nice!~ What skincare do you use?" (Obviously girls will only ask about the skincare i use).

Now, i'm here to reveal the answer, and to share with everybody, the secret to my beautiful skin. My skin's bestfriend - SK-II!! I'm sure some people will go "Chiu!~ So expensive sure nice lar the skin." Yes, it is expensive but isn't it worth every single cent when you get such great results?? SK-II is, well, needless i say more, infamous for their pitera essence, or magic essence as many described it. They have many other products that are pretty good too, like their masks for example, but i don't have the need to use those stuff right now. I was introduced to this product by my mom when i was 16 and i've been using it ever since. Many people said that SK-II products are more suitable for ladies 30 years old and above, but i guess i'm a pretty good example to prove them wrong. It highly depends on the type of product u'r using. I'm currently using only their pitera and their milk moisturiser, and yet my skin is doing well. There's always mix and match, even skincares. In my opinion, their cleanser doesn't really cleanse, so i chose a different brand to cleanse my face. Pros and cons definitely exist, like they said SK-II causes cancer; is there any scientific proofs to that accusation?? Nobody knows, but what EVERYBODY knows, SK-II works!

The pitera essence are selling for approximately RM400 for their 150ml bottle (if i'm not mistaken) and currently, in conjunction with their 30th anniversary, they out with a limited edition 250ml bottle for only RM462. I've already grab mine, so what are you waiting for? Go grab one and make your skin beautiful.

The secret to my crystal clear skin...

Can't live without it~


  1. Still using SK-II ya? Envy you seriously. Well at least you can afford them, so it's good on ya. For those who can't afford it then we have no choice to look for other options =)

  2. yea.. i'm still using it.. well even if i can't afford it i rather nt eat n shop to jz buy it because we jz can't save on anything that we put on our face.. but i'm nt saying other brands r no good.. as long as it works 4 ur skin then it's already a good thing despite the brand n price.. =)