February 27, 2013

Le Last Day in Paris..

I have to be honest; Paris turned out to be quite a disappointment to me. Except for the shopping part. Before I have the chance to come to Paris, I'd always imagine Paris to be a very beautiful, clean, and romantic city. I mean, look at how all the movies always portrait it to be.. it made us all wanna go there and experience it for our own. Go see how beautiful and romantic it is to be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower with your love one, or just sit at the sidewalk cafes sipping on hot coffee overlooking Eiffel. *Imagine*

But I'm sorry to come and wake your beautiful dream about Paris that it is not what it seems to be. Maybe it's just me, or anyone of you who've been there before felt the same way as I do too (I hope there is so I don't look awkward), the city in reality, is rather dirty and dusty. Pickpockets and gipsies are everywhere eyeing on your belongings wanting to take what's inside your bag. P.S dear readers, please really DO be careful when you're in any Europe countries because they are well known for their uber professional pick pocketing skills. They come in all sorts of forms, gipsies are mostly women with babies who will come to you for sympathy and if you ever do fell for it, you can say goodbye to your belongings, including your passport. Or if you're at any tourist attractions and some people will come to you offering corns to feed the pigeons or giving you bracelets as 'souvenirs' DO NOT entertain them because they'll demand for a crazy amount of money right after you take the stuff. Even if they offer to help you take a picture, just say NO to them cling tight to your bags and you'll be fine.

Le Eiffel Tower - This is one of the clearest shot I could get due to the gloomy weather that morning. All the pictures came out so dark and ugly because Mr.Sun was not around that day. 

Due to the weather and the heavy haze, my first impression on Eiffel Tower crumbled. For a moment, it seemed to me as no more than a block of tall besi buruk.. yea.. that bad.. 

 All the couples were so into each other snapping kissing pictures in front of the Paris's landmark hence I also wanna take a kissing pic with my invisible boyfie too... #foreveralone

Ok I don't know what they call these bears but my sis called it 'Country bears' so Country bears it shall be.

Next stop - Champs-Elysees. It's ok if you don't know how to pronounced it, let me teach you. Just say in Cantonese 'Song dou lei sei' it rhymes the same anyway. This avenue is called Song dou lei sei because here is where Louis Vuitton's flagship store is baby! But it was another 10minutes walk from this picture point and we didn't have time for that so no picture of it, sowie.

We only had ample photo stop time for one of the famous monuments in Paris - Arc de Triomphe 

Making use of our time SELCA to the max. Together with our tour leader Dallas.

Say hello to little Harley!

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February 4, 2013

Disneyland Paris!

DISNEYLAND!! Is there anyone who NEVER gets excited once the word 'Disney' is mentioned? Be it the cartoons, the characters, or even Disneyland itself, we all do get excited when the big D appears. At least I know I do.. I grew up with Disney cartoons; many of us do. Hence whenever I watch back their cartoons or see any of their merchandises on the rack, I tend to get over excited because they just bring back the childhood in me. I missed those naive simple happiness, where happy was really from the heart. As I grow up, I slowly realized that the word H.A.P.P.Y is nothing more than just an abstract noun.

There're 4 Disneyland in the world so far, First one was in Florida, and Paris was the second to open, making it one of the main attractions in Europe. I've only been to two out of four Disneylands. My first Disneyland virginity was given to Hong Kong. Not really a bad thing because if I'd go to Paris first, I'll definitely be very disappointed with Disneyland Hong Kong. Looking back at the pictures, it made me realized that the two times I visited Disneyland was during Christmas. I just love their Christmas decors!

 I purposely buy this Bambi long sweater just to wear it to Disneyland and a cute beanie so I could eventually blend in with the kids. But ended up I only saw alot of ADULTS wearing the same beanie as mine.. Maybe we all have the same thought - blending in. LOL! To those who bothers to know, this entire outfit is from H&M.

 It was also Disneyland's 20th Anniversary! Happy 20th Birthday Disney!!

  It's a white Christmas!!

We were greeted by this beautiful scenery after the main entrance. And also...

SANTA GOOFY!~~ Photobombed by Mickey balloon heads behind me.. Hahahaaha!

I SO want to take their decors and hang everything in my room so I can wake up to a beautiful day, EVERDAY.

I'm gonna drive this sweet little baby home too..

The Nightmare Before Christmas - one of Tim Burton's greatest creation. I was once so obsessed with it I bought so many of their merchandises. One of it was a round shape bag, the shape of Jack's head. More like a Jack's head bag.. =.= I love it so much I've been using it almost everyday until it went missing miraculously one day. Then I found out my dad threw it because he said it is so hideous. #wtf

The ship from The Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Streets - Aladdin

 Lost in front of Fantasyland

 Anyone remember Jack and the Beanstalk?

 Discoveryland - the only land where the rides are worth queuing up for.

 The long awaited Disney Parade! Eventually the parade started early that day (or was
it just us who heard the time wrongly). The parade started just in time we walked to the where the parade's starting point was. We were lucky to be able to catch the whole parade because the parade was SO amazing! First to greet us was the Disney Princesses. Oh I love all of them!

Up next was Alice in Wonderland.

Much to my surprise, Jessie made her appearance by dancing the Gangnam Style out. I LOL-ed so hard when she did that. It was indeed something new yet legit. Woody should have gangnam his way out together with her too.

Pinocchio was too busy checking out the dancers he just stood and stare. #wtf

Peterpan was just an ok for me.. not many characters were on that ship except for Peterpan himself.

Lion King was one of my favourites! Although Simba was just a machine-made but he was so cute standing there chest out and swaying his beautiful mane left and right. Pumbaa was machine-made too so he just stood there shaking his cute lil ass while Timon did all the entertaining. I wonder who could fit into that Timon mascot.. Have you ever wonder who are these people behind the mascots and how they look like?

Last but not least, the big players of Disney family. I'm not going to group these pics up because they are just too awesome and I love them just too much! When they came out, I was like a little girl crazy woman seeing her idol jumping around so excited. Mini maos is uber excited to see Minnie Mouse!!

Dual combo love! Mickey and Duffy together!! I was surprised to see Duffy on the parade actually. For those who do not know who Duffy is, Duffy is a teddy bear made by Minnie to Mickey as her token of love before he leave for a long voyage at sea. How sweet~ Btw, Duffy has a girlfriend too named Shelleymay.

My favorite pic taken from the entire parade.

 The parade was a 100% satisfaction, but 100% is just not enough. After the parade was over, we ran straight to the "Meet Mickey Mouse House". The queue was crazy long before this and we'd thought the queue should have subsided since everyone might be still lingering at the parade area. And we were right! There were NOBODY queuing up! We just went straight to Mickey. Surprisingly the Mickey here was shorter than the one in HK. I was even taller than him.

When night falls, Disneyland transformed into an entirely different ambiance. Each and every small corner was shining with bright and beautiful lights. You HAVE to go there yourself to witness how breathtaking the night view is!

 Chubby baby Eeyore and Tigger spotted! Hahahhaha! These two boys attracted so much attentions as they were dancing on top of the squared rubbish bin.

 There are two things that you cannot miss when you're in Disneyland - their parade and their fireworks. It is a must-see attractions. When I was in HK Disneyland during Christmas, they gave out 3D glasses for you to put on during the fireworks. It came in a few designs, I got the snowman while sis got the snowflakes design. So what you do is, if you put on the glasses during the fireworks, instead of just sparks you'll get to see hundreds of snowman or snowflakes bursting out from the sky. I love the glasses so much I brought it back and put it on during new year eve's fireworks. People was like looking at me like "wtf is wrong with this bitch watching fireworks with a 3D glasses"

Because we insisted to stay back and watch the fireworks, we were late for our meet-up time with the rest of the tour members. (We only managed to watch the beginning sets) #totally worth it. Worst scenario was, we had to walk back to the bus ourselves because the tour guide need to wait for another family who was watching the fireworks as well. Hence, we clever clever walk ourselves and ended up getting lost. Took us another 20mins more to find our way back to the bus. That area was so huge it nearly merely walk dai us. Lesson learnt. Before I end this post, please say hie to my new companions, Big head Minnie and Duffy!