February 27, 2013

Le Last Day in Paris..

I have to be honest; Paris turned out to be quite a disappointment to me. Except for the shopping part. Before I have the chance to come to Paris, I'd always imagine Paris to be a very beautiful, clean, and romantic city. I mean, look at how all the movies always portrait it to be.. it made us all wanna go there and experience it for our own. Go see how beautiful and romantic it is to be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower with your love one, or just sit at the sidewalk cafes sipping on hot coffee overlooking Eiffel. *Imagine*

But I'm sorry to come and wake your beautiful dream about Paris that it is not what it seems to be. Maybe it's just me, or anyone of you who've been there before felt the same way as I do too (I hope there is so I don't look awkward), the city in reality, is rather dirty and dusty. Pickpockets and gipsies are everywhere eyeing on your belongings wanting to take what's inside your bag. P.S dear readers, please really DO be careful when you're in any Europe countries because they are well known for their uber professional pick pocketing skills. They come in all sorts of forms, gipsies are mostly women with babies who will come to you for sympathy and if you ever do fell for it, you can say goodbye to your belongings, including your passport. Or if you're at any tourist attractions and some people will come to you offering corns to feed the pigeons or giving you bracelets as 'souvenirs' DO NOT entertain them because they'll demand for a crazy amount of money right after you take the stuff. Even if they offer to help you take a picture, just say NO to them cling tight to your bags and you'll be fine.

Le Eiffel Tower - This is one of the clearest shot I could get due to the gloomy weather that morning. All the pictures came out so dark and ugly because Mr.Sun was not around that day. 

Due to the weather and the heavy haze, my first impression on Eiffel Tower crumbled. For a moment, it seemed to me as no more than a block of tall besi buruk.. yea.. that bad.. 

 All the couples were so into each other snapping kissing pictures in front of the Paris's landmark hence I also wanna take a kissing pic with my invisible boyfie too... #foreveralone

Ok I don't know what they call these bears but my sis called it 'Country bears' so Country bears it shall be.

Next stop - Champs-Elysees. It's ok if you don't know how to pronounced it, let me teach you. Just say in Cantonese 'Song dou lei sei' it rhymes the same anyway. This avenue is called Song dou lei sei because here is where Louis Vuitton's flagship store is baby! But it was another 10minutes walk from this picture point and we didn't have time for that so no picture of it, sowie.

We only had ample photo stop time for one of the famous monuments in Paris - Arc de Triomphe 

Making use of our time SELCA to the max. Together with our tour leader Dallas.

Say hello to little Harley!

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