December 30, 2009

X-Mas 2009

Christmas is over.. but yet the festive mood is still luring inside us as the festive ambience is still there. I'm sure u guys had a blast during the eve celebration this year - club hopping and drinking and stuff. Me and my dear, in the other hand, went through a quiet yet memorable celebration this year. No clubbing, drinking, or went anywhere near places full of massive crowds. We celebrated our way through Christmas with a nice dinner, nice movie, and a nice long tea section; just the both of us.

Presents is a must during Christmas - be it big or small, cheap or expensive - it's the heart that matters. Before this, i told my dear that i was broke and have no money to buy him any Christmas gift this year, and he came out with this idea of making each other a card with whatever we can find in our house. Honestly, once he suggested that, i was like "Shit! i suck big time at DIY. i prefer buying." but i was broke. Few nights before eve, i'd went through everything i thought was possible to use to make a card and i nearly burst my brain trying to think how to make a card. I even wrote on my FB wall hoping ideas and advices from my friends will help me sought a way out. Eventually, it was my own lack-of-creativity sense that killed me. I sat down in my room which all the 'tools' scattered around, stared at them for a few hours and i still can't get any idea!! Time was short, and i gave up. In the end, i went and bought him a card and a belt. That eve night, we exchanged our gifts and he surprised me with his own handmade card and made me feel so bad coz his card was super awesome!!

This is the paper bag where he puts his card in - he made the bag himself too!!

The front cover of the card - he threw it himself.. =)

This is how the card looks like when the lights are turned off..   =p
When the lights are on...

TADAA!!!! Super cool for a DIY card huh?? It's a musical card by the way.. and it has lights too!! The background and words are all cut out from my back-dated Cleo magazine.. teehee!!

His card left me speechless with words and i was super touched with his artwork. I loved it alot!! and it's priceless!! It's worth more than any Gucci or LV bag!! Thanx alot dear!! I love u lots!! You know you can always make my day with your mischievous surprises.. =)

This year's Christmas is one of the most memorable one i had with my dear and i appreciate him day by day. New year is just around the corner and i can't wait to count down the last hours of 2009 with him!!~ Ops.. someone is here and he wanna say hie too..


Yeapz.. have a great countdown to all of u guys out there!! Hope 2010 will be the beginning of the end for many of you!! And may the start be a new better happier one!!

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