January 8, 2010

I miss Disneyland HK

Luck was not on my side lately, and i don't know why. I was THIS close to have the chance to go HK and buy my own 2010 disneyland organizer and i really really wanted to go there to do some shopping fashion survey! I wanna go back to Hong Kong!! I wanna go shopping!! I wanna go Disneyland!! *throw tantrum*
Looking back at the photos i took when i was in HK with my dad and sister during Christmas 2008 made me missed HK even more.. *sob sob* But then, i realised that i've never actually post any of those pictures up on my blog nor in my FB acc, i wonder why? Maybe i was too lazy at that time and with my 'aiyah-later-first-lar' attitude, nanti nanti until i've totally forgotten about it and 2 years later... i remember back!! LOL!~ Anyway, i'm sure many have blogged about Disneyland until everyone who sees it also sienz jor.. like "WTF HK Disneyland AGAIN?! Don't these people has anything else better to blog besides this?!" But i said "I DON"T CARE!! I still wanna post Disneyland photos up my blog!! How how?? Kenot is it?" Hahahahaaa... XD

There's more than 300 pictures inside my Disneyland picture folder, so where should i start first? (i'm SO going to bombard my post with my biatchy face Disneyland pictures! ngek ngek ngek!) Let's start from the ENTRANCE and onto the streets and parts of Disneyland!! *excited*

The palace turns into a magical kingdom when the lights are all lights up! And here is where everyone gathers to watch the fireworks at night!

SO lurvin' the popcorn cover!! Disneyland really know how to earn money from people like me!

Look! I caught little Maybank (coz' the tiger on the bag she's carrying looks like the tiger from Maybank) princess wannabe!! She's just SOOO cute!!

Cartoon characters included:

Chip and Dale.. We queued up for almost 30 minutes for this and LUCKILY our turn was the last! There were still a long caterpillar queue behind us when this few staffs came up to them and said "Chip and Dale it's time to brush your tail" WTF!?

Woody from Toy Story. Dunno why the camera can automatically censor my toot toot one.. XD

Buzz Lightyear - to infinity and BEYOND!!

Pluto - Mickey's loyal buddy  =)

And of course, how can there NOT be.........

MICKEY MOUSE himself!!! I know i know, you'd be asking and wondering by now, where the heck is Minnie? Seriously, i've no idea! Only Mickey were there at that time, maybe Minnie went to touchup her makeup since Chip and Dale also need to brush their tails. Ok, then where's Donald, Daisy, Snow White, Cinderella and the rest of them?? Erm.. honestly i don't really know as well. Hahaha! Maybe i missed their photoshoot schedule. I'd see other Disneyland pictures from other blog and i too wonder, why didn't i see those characters??!! So..... it's still better than nothing right?

I knew i couldn't upload all my pictures in 1 post 'coz i think i'd stuffed enough pictures already (darn it!) This is what i'm going to do - i'm going to divide all the pictures into diferent segments and post it in a few posts so i got more posts to update lor? yay!! Now i'm gonna end this post with:

another cam-whore picture of myself!! hahahahhahahaa! Await my next post on shows and parade!!

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