April 17, 2010

Adopting is ALWAYS an option

Tomorrow is the day!! woohoo! What is there to be so excited about tomorrow? THIS!!:

100 days for 100 stray animals to find a new home!! Such a charitable event how can anyone NOT be excited about it?? Starting from tomorrow, Petster team and a few more NGOs such as SPCA, PAWS, Petfinder.my, and many more will be in Tropicana City Mall to help make this adoption drive a successful one..

We as the organisers, of coz, ned to be at the mall a night before the actual day (which is naw!!) to set up the venue.. so since i can't help out much.. (coz i'm a girl mar..) =p decided 2 snap a few pics n blog about it..

just a small space given at level2.. but it's more than enuf.. =)

*disturb disturb*

Look who i met there? It's Chucky!! Say hie Chucky..!

I'm so excited i can't wait for the sun 2 come up tomorrow..!

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