April 8, 2010

Bangs or NO bangs??

I've been having this middle parting long curly hair for 2 years already and i think it's time for me to change my hairstyle again. But i ain't gonna cut it short!! You girls should know how so damn hard it is to grow back your hair long after you cut it short - it takes FOREVER!! so nope! i'm NOT cutting it short.

Having been a regular reader of japanese fashion mags such as Popteen and Vivi, it seems like bangs are still the current hairstyle for them; besides middle parting of course. The more i go through their pages every month, the more semangat i get and the more they made me have this urge of getting back my bangs... but my sis and boyfriend is banning me from doing so due to their own reasons - dear said i look childish with it and my sis got scared after i had a little spirit experience when i was having bangs years back. SO HOW??!!! i don't know i'm in such a dilemma right now! I managed to find back some pictures of me with bangs and compared it to now... i like both! Can u guys gimme some suggestions whether should or should i not do it again??

And my current hairstyle naw...

I think having middle parting makes me look a little more old mature... what say you?? I really can't decide.. but i really do feel like cutting bangs back right naw!!