March 26, 2009

Woofs Of My Life

Have you ever watched any of those movies or cartoons where the actress gaze into the handsome actor's eyes and she sees reflection of herself beaming in his eyes? Where at that point she'll somehow felt love struck, and felt as if she's the only thing the other person could see in his world, the only love? The part where you'll go "Awww..." and hug your boyfriend who's sitting next to you yawning at the boring pathetic lovey dovey scenes. The part that you'll start to imagine and dream of how you wish you could find a guy like that. Have you? I don't know about you, but as for me, I have been through and felt what was it like to be in that kind of situation. It felt amazing, so heart melting. It makes you feel as if you're the happiest person in the world. I thank my two babies Baby and Benji for making me feel this way.

People always describe dogs as a man's best friend. And I totally agree and support that theory. If you're not a dog lover you'll never understand the meaning of it. I started loving dogs and animals for as long as I could remember. I even wrote my ambition was to be a ZOO KEEPER back in primary school because I want to play with the tigers. (Yes, I know it's stupid.) And when i grew older, the ambition had also changed from a zoo keeper to a veterinarian. And it never came true because I ended up being in the art stream. I can still remember how I would cry when I see those dog catcher vans drove past (they really just drove past our car) because I knew there are lots of dogs inside the van that got captured. My mom doesn't allow us to have a pet dog because she doesn't want to clean all the shits and pees but I will always bring back abandon puppies or kittens and plead my mom to keep them. The poor puppies always ended up inside a big box outside our front door waiting to be taken away again the next day. There were once where my mom finally agreed to let us bring back a puppy. It was my uncle's dog. A terrier and his name was Ah Boy. I loved him to bits and although he was small, he was very protective towards me. Everytime my mom wants to hit me he'll growl and bark at her, ready to bite her any minute if she comes closer. Those moments are still vivid in my head. Poor mom ended up being bitten on the thigh one fine day when she forgot about Boy's existence. Hahaha! Until today, dogs still play a very important role in my heart.
I bought Baby three years ago. He was the first dog that I buy myself with my own money. I was only 20 back then and it costed me a bombshell. I went broke for almost a whole month after buying Baby but it's worth it. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him and I immediately wanted to bring him home with me. I didn't have much money that time but I insisted in buying him. Reservation could only last a week so within that week I did more jobs than usual to earn that amount of money. Luckily modelling could earn me some quick cash and I was able to buy him back. Before buying, I did alot of research and read alot of books about how to take care of a puppy and informations about his breed. There were a book that said Shih Tzu is a very manja dog, bringing him back the first time in your car is the most vital step of where you'll want him to sit in the car the next time. If you put him on your lap throughout the whole journey back home then he'll be sitting on your lap everytime he's in the car, even if he's a grown up. Putting him on your lap when he's still a puppy will be ok because he's still so small and light, but when he had grow up into an adult or especially he's an overweight fat dog, your leg will suffer. Trust me. Your leg will feel like breaking and there'll be scratches on your smooth beautiful leg if you're wearing shorts that day. I go through all that almost twice every week and sometimes he'll even want to take over the steering.
Despite all that nuisances, he's the one who brings happiness into my life and had brighten me up ever since. I love him to bits and I even set his barks as my message ringtone. Hehee! He lives the life of a king with me and I had never once beaten him no matter how naughty he is. Spoilt brad! He eats his foods and also mine, gets proper grooming every week, has alot of toys to play with, and sleeps in air conditioned room. Somtimes it is as if he understands what I said and feels what I feel. He knows whenever I'm unhappy and he'll know how to make me happy. He'll stick to me like a glue whenever I'm unhappy and he'll jump up to me and lick away my tears. Whenever I come home sad and angry, he's the one who'll always ease away my blues. He'll always jump onto my bed and lay next to me. There's the moment where we'll gaze into each other's eyes and I could see my own reflection gleaming in his eyes. We can have many people to care for us and love us but for them, we are their only owner and they are only devoted to us, love us only and we're his only family. They'll risk their life just to protect us because we are the only person to care for them. Put yourself in their shoes and how would you feel if one day you got abandon just like that? Their world would crumble and fall and there'd be no more meaning in their life. Worst still, they'll still carry the hope that you'l l return for them one day. Thus, I personally urge all dog owners out there to please not abandon their pet and those who're thinking to get a dog to think twice before buying them. Do you have the time for them, do you mind cleaning up their craps and will you be able to take care of them for the rest of their life, mentally, physically, and financially? If your answer is yes then you're fit to buy one but if your answer is no, please don't destroy their happiness and let someone else who's able to do so own them. Don't think of getting a dog just because it is the trend now and you think it's so "Paris Hilton" by bringing a dog out wherever you go. Think for them, not yourself.

Some of the many pictures of Baby from young to present (Sorry the pictures abit blur):

Baby when he was just a.. erm.. baby

Sleeping pose number 1

Mesmerizing eyes number 1

Tongue-sticking number 1

*Caught in the act* p.s: this is not my undies

Tongue-sticking number 2

Mickey Dog!!

Baby's first and only hair cut

Tongue-sticking number 3

Baby when he was 1year plus

What was it that made him looked like that?


Sleeping pose number 2

Mesmerizing eyes number 2

Baby's favorite toy: Beeboo

Baby close up

My Baby

*Ahem* Baby why you look so wai wat??

One of the many silly faces he pulls

*Psst* Baby mummy love you

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