March 14, 2009

M.A.C Hello Kitty Collection

M.A.C Cosmectics came out with a limited edition Hello Kitty collection on the 4th March 09'. In M.A.C Malaysia we only have the Mild and Wild Collection meanwhile in the rest of the countries, at least from what i know, they also have the Hello Kitty Kouture Collection...!! I'll do ANYTHING and i mean anything... to get my hands on the Kouture Collection.. why?? let me tell u why.. because it is all about BLINGS!! Hello Kitty compact powder coliberate with Swarovski = BLINGS!! and i am a super fan of blings.. the Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder costs only $90 and i bet it's sold out all over the world now because i'm so sure that the japanese, koreans, and hk-ians are more chee sin than me about Hello Kitty or blings, hence, this is like a 2in1 unique 1 of a kind collection.
Although i've never been a big fan of Hello Kitty bu
t the M.A.C version of it attracted me. The black pink Hello Kitty doll that the model was holding in their ad was what captured my eyes. I never did imagine Hello Kitty can turn out to be so edgy+rock+punk or whatever u guys wanna describe it. White and soft pink with a flower ribbon on the head is not my type but the black pink kitty doll with a black n pink rimmed ribbon is DEFINATELY my type..!! Their colour theme for this collection are bold and sharp colours. I personally think their shocking pink colour is the main attraction for this collection. I lurve their nail lacquer colours ssoooo much!! Pink, grey and white... and their pink.. that pink nail colour that i've searched the whole of malaysia, and even australia for it.. and i still couldn't get my hands on it!!
I blame the make-up artist for wrongfully informing me the wrong date about this collection's launch. I went up to the counter and ask
ed that guy when will this collection be available somewhere end of february and he told me it'll be launch on the 7th. And so i came on the 7th thinking i'll be quick enough to grab some.. but i ended up going home with huge disappointment.. everything was freaking sold out!! except for the not so nice orange glitter eyeliner.. crap!! i questioned the same make-up artist and he was like "oh so sorry.. everything were basically sold out on the 1st 3days since it came out." and i was like "oh.. i tot u said it's out on the 7th?" and then he said "oh.. no.. it was out on the 4th.. didn't u received our sms?" yea i freaking received the sms but why i still bother reading it when u had already freaking told me it's gonna be launch on the 7th???!!! I will not tolerate this kind of service.. giving customers the wrong information and unintentionally made them not get their hands on what they've been preying on. And i am still seeking highs and lows and every chances to get the pink nail lacquer or nail polish or whatever it is, and the Hello Kitty plush doll, and the blingbling compact powder.
*Ahem* excuse my outrage.. anyways.. i did only some
how bought 1 of their glitter eyeliner and here are some pics of the other products from the collection that i wanted and I WILL get them Hello Kitty Plush Doll

Hello Kitty Brush Collection/Cup

The MUST HAVE Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder Kouture Collection
Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush

Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer: Something About Pink, On The Prowl, Vestral White

Hello Kitty Mild Collection Poster

The only product that i have: HerGlitz glitter eyeliner (thanx veron!)

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