July 13, 2009

Macau - Day 2

St.Augustine Square is a unique place where it totally reflects a traditionally Portuguese streetscape with it cobblestone pavement and surrounding the square stood many beautifully craved churches such as the St.Joseph's Seminary and Church, St.Augustine's Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre and Sir Robert Ho Tung Library. The place is also surrounded by old shophouses and flats which also made it even more old school. Every churches has their own story to tell behind those strong pillars.

After lunch, we visited the tallest building in Macau - the Macau Tower. Which to be honest, does look abit like KL Tower to me. Macau Tower is the 10th tallest building in the world. Standing at 338 metres tall (61 storeys high), it is an elegant construction that offers magnificent panorama views all over Macau from their observation deck and the revolving restaurant. Same same as KL Tower also.

The view from up above....

and down below...
Besides the observation deck and the revolving restaurant, there are also other restaurants and cafe, an outdoor plaza and cinema. Beside all these, their main attractions are actually their:
SKYJUMP - makes you look like a puppet as from what you see in the pictures

BUNGY JUMP - 3 styles for you to choose from before you jump. The 4th box showed "?" means what ar? means i can jump freestyle issit? for example, without the rope attached? maybe?

SKYWALK X gives you an opportunity to walk around the outside of the tower and feel the wind breeze and see the whole of Macau without any glass walls blocking. And it costs only MOP $388. Me and one of my colleague, Stacey had the chance to experience the Skywalk for FREE!! Hehee!~ That's because the director chose me and her to be in the frame together with the host. But the Macau Tourism Board could only sponsor 3person on the Skywalk and 1 for the Bungy Jump; which obviously was for the host. If we insist in jumping, we have to pay with our own money, approximately RM600. Pay RM600 just to jump down the tower. and land on the huge (probably smelly too) tilam awaiting at the bottom of the tower. I rather go KL Tower call the Bomba and say i want to commit suicide and jump down, wait until they got all the huge soft bouncy thingy and then only i jump. First it's FREE and secondly i can save that RM600 and go shopping. wtf!~ We didn't manage to complete the round in Skywalk though, because we saw the rain coming and there were thunders and shit, and the person in charge beckoned us to come back or we'll become roasted out there. Since we tak jadi to complete the SkyWalk due to the rain, we were then brought back to our hotel for a short rest
(honestly letting us rest was just a nice excuse for them, where the fact is they just want to wait indoor until the rain stops).

The staff said we have to wear this orange jumper in order to walk the walk..

and so i wear lor..

then the staff helped to gear me up with those safety belts..

Stacey looks so.. erm.. mini.. HAHAA!

Getting ready to do to walk

It was drizzling actually when we went out, and the sky was already getting dark. That's why the camera was wrapped up with plastic.

Thank God i'm not afraid of heights.. the adrenaline was just about to start pumping when..

The sky changed it colour from blue to BLACK

Hence we have to U-turn balik and wait for the rain to stop

Obviously we gave up waiting

and met Johnnie - 'someone' inside Macau Tourism Board, at the Tower's main entrance.

Finally, the rain stopped and of course, we hurriedly continue our journey to the next shooting destination - Macau Fisherman's Wharf. This place is a huge theme park which consists varieties of retail shops, restaurants, casinos, and many other entertainment venues with positive recreational purposes. Entrance is F.O.C but there are also certain entertainment venues that need an entrance fees.

The Auditorium where most of the international concerts are held here

Staircase to WAR!!~ Yeapz, the entrance to all the war games like paintball and other boy stuff.

China Emperor's Castle - of course it's just a mock up. There's no Emperor inside, statues got lar.

Further in the Fisherman's Wharf, there's a high-end hotel called "Rocks Hotel". Selling for over RM1k per room per night, this 5-stars hotel has only limited rooms and serve mostly VIP guests. The hotel's PR Manager brought us to one of the rooms and it is SO countryside! Beautiful! And it's really worth that much of a money! Perfect for honeymooners.

The winding staircase leading up to the rooms

I've already like this hotel =)

I wish i know where they get the wallpaper because

I wish i could stay here, relax in their balcony, slip on my favorite shades, enjoy the sun and the sea with a icy cold COKE in my hand. Life...

After our Portuguese dinner shoot (sorry didn't manage to capture any picture of the food because we were not allow to use our camera when we are in the frame), Terence, our company's tour manager, brought us out for a walk around town, taking pictures, visiting the grand-est casino - Grand Lisboa, and believe it or not, we went back to Fisherman's Wharf and i freaking swear the whole ambiance was completely different at night!~ I like it so much better at night than it is in the day. I will reveal the transformations in the next post.

Hint: there'll also be some sexy never-reveal-before pictures. =)


  1. u went all over the globe and yet u never ask me to go on a trip.. *rolls eyes / merajuk*

  2. aiks i tot i did ajak u gi london together-gether and visit the museum tussaude..