July 16, 2009

Asia Las Vegas

Macau is a completely different world at night. Once the sun goes down, and the lights are turn on, it's like you've reached Las Vegas!~ Even if you had visited a place in the day and you may think "Why the hack do i still want to walk back there again at night? It's the same freaking thing!", you're WRONG!! The same place that you had visited in the day will be a completely different feel at night. With the help of well-equipped lightings, it's definitely worth walking back there again. For example, Macau Fisherman's Wharf. You saw what it was like in the day, and now - the night scape.

There were this man, who seems to be waiting for someone..

Stacey: Hie, are you waiting for me??

MeiLeng: Excuse me, who is this girl?!

J-ye: Erm.. i think i'm lost..

Ok.. nevermind. It's one stupid internal cold gag.

Hmm.. where shall we go next??

Ok lar.. we decided to just go walk around and discover the streets of Macau

In front of Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino

On our way back to our hotel, i spotted a multi-functional postbox. At one side of the box, you can put in your letters that you want to mail out; like many other ordinary postbox around the world. And at the other side of it, is a stamp vending machine. You just need to have sufficient amount of coin to purchase it; no need to queue up and wait like shit to just buy a 20cent stamp. Let me show you how: First, i put in a MOP$1 coin

Then i press the amount of the coin i've put in..

WALA!!~ I got my stamp!~ So fast and convenient.

Behind the postbox, i saw this: recycle bins that look like dog kennels. wtf!~
Remember i said we had a short rest time back in the hotel while waiting for the rain to stop? We were sent back to MGM because the crew stays there, and i have the key to my dad's room, and my dad's flight was only scheduled to reach in the evening. So of course being the devil i am, we ALL went into my dad's room and...

This man came into the room at the wrong time. Look at his face, he was like "What the hack am i doing inside the closet??!!"

Despite having all the fun, i still think and miss my dear very much..
p.s: I've finally gotten all the pictures from Jalan-Jalan magazine's writer @ photographer - Dermin. TQ

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