July 7, 2009

Macau - Day 1

I was on a half work half leisure trip to Macau and Hong Kong few weeks back, and now I only finally had the free time to blog about it.

Our company sponsored a local travel programme in Astro Jiayu Channel 304 to Macau and that's the reason why, i had the chance to visit Macau. I was there with 4 other of my colleagues and to be honest, the whole trip was super exhausted. Visiting a country like Macau was a complete new experience to me because never once will it pop my mind that i would want to purposely fly to Macau. Once my perception towards Macau was - BORING, and it'd only be a great place for gamblers. I was wrong. In fact, i love Macau now!!~ The place is like a coin; there's a two face in everything. You might feel that you're in Malacca in the day, but when the sun goes down, it's LAS VEGAS baybeh!! Transform 100%!! Make sure you have lots and lots of memory space in your camera because in this 4days 3nights trip itself, we have already taken more than 2000 pics!!
The minute we reached Macau Airport, we were brought to a hotel for a short buffet lunch and was then brought to our assigned hotel to put down our luggage and officially start our work. No short rest given (so torturing) My dad and the TV crew stayed in MGM Hotel. Indeed beautifully structured inside out, no wonder the movie "Look for a star" starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi was 70% filmed inside that hotel itself. The rooms are divided into 3 sections. Bronze are where all the standard rooms are, Platinum are all suite rooms, while Gold are only available for the VIPs, so special as their title are, they have their own VIP entrance and lobby. The rest of us, only stayed at Beverly Hotel; 4stars also lar.. better than nothing weh!

After spending half the day following the crew to shoot all around MGM hotel, we then went outdoor to shoot some of the famous tourist spots in Macau. For the first day, we visited A-Ma Temple and Senado Square. A-Ma Temple was made into a tourist spot because of how the temple was nicely built and surrounded with trees and caves. Probably also, in my opinion, is because there always have to be at least one tourist temple in a Chinese country. So in Macau, it's A-Ma Temple. We didn't really have much interest in exploring the temple thus we just took a few pictures and waited for the crew to film their stuff. We were more excited in Senado Square honestly and we squealed with joy when our manager said we don't have to follow the crew and we're free to walk about. Why? Because this is one of the most famous tourists attraction where you can mainly do all your shopping here. SHOPPING!! And this is also the place where i found the one and only Starbucks in Macau. (So sad)
At night, we were at Wynns Hotel to watched the infamous "Tree Show" (sorry I forgot the title of it so i called it the tree show =p ) and the colourful musical fountain show located at the other side of their entrance. To get to the musical fountain from the "tree show", you must go through what i named it - The Walk of Death. Because there are where all the LV, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Tiffany&Co, and many other branded shops, shining blingly trying to lure me, i mean, you, in.

Enough places for the first day. As you will see in the pictures, our faces were hyper happy in the day and soon changed to please-let-me-go-home faces in the night.

My kiasi colleagues
MGM Hotel

The VIP entrance
Gold corridor leading to the VIP suites and villas.
One of their cheapest suites in the GOLD floor and also one of the rooms that's been used in the movie "Look for a star"
Here i drank the most delicious hot chocolate i've ever drank! Seriously!~ And it costs rm50 per cup.. luckily it was on the house.. =p
Packing back to our 4-stars hotel.
A-Ma Temple
Can't live without it~
Senado Square
Colourful Macau at night - like Las Vegas Asia

Anticipated tourists and locals; waiting for the 'tree show' to start

The Walk of DEATH~

Overlooking the Macau Bridge

Getting our ass back to our hotel room - EXHAUSTED!!
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