July 23, 2009

Last day in Macau

The third day of this entire trip was the most hectic one, and also was the only day my dad followed us around. We had to go 5 places in a day time, and we woke up damn early as well. Ok lar.. 5am morning call only.. not that early lar..
Our first stop was to The Ruins of St Paul's. I first fell in love with this place when i first laid my eyes on it in IU during a Macau Festival exhibition. It was a backdrop on the main stage and when i saw it i asked "Stacey, what place is that? Is so beautiful!" And she said "It's The Ruins of St Paul's in Macau one lar. It's even more beautiful in real life." From that moment i told myself, i MUST go to Macau to visit this place. I don't know if it was pure luck or GOD really did heard and answered my prayers because few weeks later, i really AM going to Macau!!~ And hence i got to lay my footstep on this beautiful divinely historical landmark.

The mock up of The Ruins of St Paul in Iu during the Macau exhibition

And the real deal..

I really love this place.. =)

Our bus driver - Wong sifu

NaCha Temple - one of the oldest historical temple in Macau
With just a mere time for breakfast, we then have to rush to The Venetian Hotel Macao. One of the most luxurious grand-ness hotel in Macau, it's really worth a visit. Beside being the largest hotel in Macau - the entire land space can fit almost 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets!!, it is also well known for it's 24/7 bright sky. Day or night - as long as u'r inside the hotel, you'll always feel like daytime. And the gondola is ROW BY REAL PEOPLE!! They have an amazing voice too!!~ Not like the ones in First World Hotel; machine-run and with a ugly kepala sudah mau jatuh mannequin. Their rooms costs roughly about over RM1k per room per night and even if you don't stay there, you MUST also go there and take a walk. The decors, food, and shops (they have over 300 renowned shops) it is definitely worth the visit.

The famous indoor blue blue sky

Free tickets for the Gondola Boat Ride.. YAY!!~

I swear my legs aren't THAT white!!

Our lunch was hosted by Hard Rock Hotel and their dim sum was fabuloso!!~ They also invited us to watch their in-house 'Bubble Show'. The Bubble Show.. erm.. actually has nothing to do with bubbles; it's a purely 3D animation show inside a globe-like auditorium.

Waiting for the entrance of 'The Bubble Show'. We didn't need to queue up because we are VIPs mar.. hehee

Some of the pictures taken inside the show..

We then hurried over to shoot one of the famous Pork chop Burger shop in Macau. It was more like a stall though, but the queue was CRAZY!!~ People are queuing up as if they're waiting to grab on the latest iPhone or something, i bet it must be really delicious. (to be honest, i never eat it because i was too stuffed from the earlier dimsum! Damnit!) The stall also looked very oldie 70-80's style because they still use the old school glass bottle Coke. Kewl!~ I like!~

Don't ask me what it means because i don't read Chinese. =(

Look at the crazy queue!!~

These are the porkchop buns before it's been oven-nize

You can see it turns brownish after being roasted inside the big fire oven

Here are where they season and cook the porkchop. Disgusting i know.

Yummy-licious porkchop burger!!~ Look at the oil too!~

They also sell curry fishball.. which is also oily

Look! They have their own piggy tissue packet. So cute.


My daddy... =)

The chubby woman in the middle is the taukeh of this place.. i bet you should have guessed it already. =p

After pork chop burger, we head down to the Portuguese Tart shop located in Coloane Village. (Yes, now you know how over loaded my stomach was that day). Opened and owned by a Portuguese herself, it's the BEST Portuguese tart i've ever tasted in my entire life so far. It's out fresh from the oven, sweet, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Melts automatically in your mouth - ICHIBAN!!~ Can't even be compare to those in Kings Confectionery or anywhere available here.

The moulding trays for the tarts

First, you fill up the moulding tray with the egg paste and necessary ingredients..
Then, you put it inside the oven for a period of time..

And this is how it looks like when it is all done.!~

I ate the most delicious Portugese Egg Tart here in Lord Stow's Bakery, Macau.

See how happy my daddy eat until.. hahahaa

Try it or regret it later

We also visited the St. Francis Xavier Chapel which is just walks away from the Portuguese Tart shop. The ambiance of the square gave me a very old traditional feeling due to it European-style square paved with stone mosaic, shelter sidewalk restaurants and cafes, ancient banyan trees, and a street full of traditional, one of Macau's best antique open-fronted shops. This square also had a scene in the movie where Andy Lau proposed to Shu Qi; and also the place where we had our dinner.

It was lotus season when we were there and ALL the lotus are blooming so beautifully!!~

Overlooking Zuhai

Drink~ Drink~ Drink~

Lala... lalalalalala

Crab.. my favorite!~

Lame ol' ikan goreng

Seafood assorted - i basically sapu-ed all the prawns.. i love prawns!

I... erm... forgot what is this..

Oh.. oh.. i know this one! This is CHICKEN!!~

Eat~ Eat~ Eat~

Daddy and the taukeh... it seemed that he had found a new drinking friend.

Our last dinner for this trip!~

Another sleepless night - we did not sleep at all because we had a 4AM ferry to catch. Me and 4 of my colleagues took a wee morning ferry ride to Hong Kong and had a one day shopping spree before meeting up the crew back in Hong Kong Airport. Not much pictures in HK though because we were too busy shopping. =p


  1. few things to say :

    a) why u soo sexy one?

    b) stop drinking alcohol, makes u ageing faster, tgk i ni, forever 21 k.. =D

  2. eh.. since when i fall into the sexy category? hahahaha.. n btw.. i seldom drink k??!! u forever 21 i forever 20 1/2.. ahhahahahahaha!!