January 14, 2013

Mother of all chocolates and waffles!

Belgium - the mother of all chocolates and waffles. I is SO excited to go there and nom all the waffles! I've hearing alot of stories saying how yummylicious the waffles in Belgium are and how addictive the locally made chocolates can be.
We departed from Amsterdam to Belgium early morning after breakfast *Goodbye Amsterdam!* and during the road trip, we stopped at the former 1958 World Expo site to have a quick photo session with 'The Atomium'.
The super 5 bijik Atomium

 I decided to upload sis's pic because i is no look nice in any of the pics i took with the super 5 *sad face*

Major luff this pic <3>

 This is one of the reason why i love autumn. Those brown orangie and yellow leaves made every path of the road looks SO beautiful!! It just made me wanna go down the bus and sleep on those piles of dried leaves and roll roll roll myself all over it like a mad woman. Malaysia why u no autumn!!?

 Finally we are here - Belgium! You have to visit the Grand Square when you are in Brussels, especially the center of Grand Square where it is surrounded by all these unique buildings that have been there since centuries. I don't know about you but as for me, i have a thing for old buildings. I can just stand there for hours admiring those buildings' architectures and the ambiance there is just so good i don't wanna leave. BUT these are not the only thing Belgium has to amaze me... 

 WAFFLES!! You ain't come to Belgium if you never have a bite of their local waffles. It is just SO SO SO yummylicious! 

You can choose from so many varieties of topping for your waffle. Majority of the shops are selling for 1EUR each but because i dai dai also wanted Nutella topping so it was 2EUR instead of 1EUR. Approx RM8 for 1 piece of waffle but it was totally worth it. Nutella + Waffle = H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y

 This little fella is one of the main reason why I am here in Brussels. Honestly i find it kind of funny.. a few hours journey from Amsterdam all the way just to see this small infamous peeing statue. #FML I couldn't helped but LOL-ed when i came upon this statue. This little boy became famous because he piss-ed on a bomb during a war in Brussels and his pee saved his hometown. Like wtf? Hence he and his pissing pose became well-known internationally for centuries. I wonder if  he is proud.. in a way.. *if you know what i mean*

He is everywhere!! In all forms too! Check out this statue in front of a waffle shop - one hand holding waffle another hand holding his *ahem* 'little brother'.. so wrong.. >.<

Last but not least, woofie spotted in Brussels! Owner looking so vogue walking her furkid.  

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