December 26, 2012

It's all about WINDMILLS and CHEESE!

The second day in Amsterdam was freezing cold thanks to Mr.Wind who was blowing extra strong that day. Our itinerary for today is kind of packed yet interesting. I am finally getting to see the real wind mill! Wooo hhooo!!~ I've always love wind mills.. but never had the chance to see the real thing myself. But now i is finally have the chance! Yay!!

Here we are at the Dutch Village Zaanse Schaans (please do not ask me how to pronounce it). The village is a one stop center where u can see WIND MILLS! (damn i love to caplock and emphasize the word 'wind mills'), and how wooden clogs and cheese are made.
Look look!! WIND MILLS!! And they are actually still working, not for display only!
I was greeted by this fat cat in front of wooden clog workshop..
This guy is showing us step by step how a block of wood is made into a wooden clog. It was actually pretty interesting how they did it... Wooden clogs have always been a long tradition in Holland and now it had become their trademark. It was used by the people many years back to protect them from injuries and indeed the clogs' protection is pretty strong. Thus, this is proven that it is way better than CROCS! At least it won't get your feet stuck in the escalator.. =.=

Me being such a good audience.. =p
Wooden clogs nowadays comes in many varieties for you to choose from. Be it for footwear protection or a mini fridge magnet as a souvenir, they have it all covered up.
Next stop - the cheese workshop. Here, we were introduced by this Dutch lady on how cheese are made and those round round yellow stuff are CHEESE! Here you can find all sorts of cheese, they even sell special knives for cheese so you can enjoy it in the best way.
These are the many different flavors of cheese wrapped up in colorful wrappings. This is like a cheese heaven for all you cheese lovers, unfortunately i'm not a cheese lover due to my lactose intolerance. *Sad face*
Surprisingly, these kind of cheese are rather heavy. It is so solid that it just won't break no matter how you drop it.. you can even use it like a bowling ball, roll it and make a strike. And then pick it up and eat to celebrate.. wth..  Me and my sis didn't stay long inside the shop since we both aren't a cheese lover hence we went out maximized our time there to camwhore outside the beautiful village.
Ducks!! Quack quack quack!!
After lunch, we went back again to Dams Square for an hour ride in Amsterdam's Glass Roof Cruise. Throughout this cruise, we get to see the other side of the city and capture more many beautiful scenary of Amsterdam.

During the cruise, you will get to see all these uniquely renovated and decorated boathouses along the river bank. Each and every one of them has their own twist of design. And if you noticed those blocks of buildings behind the boathouses are actually shops, studios and houses. This whole stretch of street is named "The Artistic Street" because many designers, artists, musicians will come here in search for inspiration, thus there are many shops that sell paintings, self designed items, musical instruments, and even bundle stuffs!
Because it was an hour ride we somehow got bored and camwhore our ownselves.. hahahaa! Conveniently, the boat brought us straight to our next destination - The Diamond Factory. In there I learnt what diamonds are made of and how they are cut and evaluated. Tonight is going to our last night in Amsterdam and we are going to Belgium tomorrow! Chocolates and waffles i'm gonna nom u ALL!

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