January 21, 2013

From Paris with love..

Finally, I is have stepped foot on 1 of my must-go countries before i dai.. *do the chicken dance* Once again i must thank Amigo.my for this chance. I've been waiting for the day to arrive in Paris since day1 i reach Europe. So can't wait to do my part in helping Paris's finances.. if you know what i mean =p

What i love most about this package's itinerary is that they gave us more than enough time to shop and ample time for us to camwhore at those well known landmarks. And the best part is, our hotel is just located 5 minutes away from Disneyland Paris and Paris's largest outlet mall - Marne LaValle.

 Marne LaValle Outlet Mall - the biggest outlet mall in Paris. They have so many brands for you to shop including big brands like Burberry, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Timberland, and many many more.

 The weather on that day was just perfecto.. All the things sold there were just SO uber cheap i'd wish i was born a millionaire so i can buy EVERYTHING without needing to worry about the hole in my pocket >.<

Another thing i love about Marne LaValle mall is that THEY HAVE STARBUCKS!!! Do you guys know how hard it is to find a Starbucks in Paris!? Thanx to all those sidewalk cafes Starbucks became so unwanted in Paris, unlike other western countries where i can so easily get my drug. I know you might be thinking "Stupid bitch, those sidewalk cafes' coffee are way much more cheaper n more aromatic compared to Starbucks coffees." Yes i know, but i am a Starbucks lover, not really a coffee lover. Period.

 SELCA moment

 Sorry if today's post seemed a little boring.. but i'm gonna bombard my next post with lots n lots of pics from Disneyland Paris so please await my next post!

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