August 25, 2011

Lil sista all grown up

First n foremost.. i wanna scream out on top of my lung "i'm freaking proud of u sis!!" I've always been so proud of her but recently she've made our whole family proud coz she has FINALLY graduated! woohoo!~

It might not be a very big deal graduating but to us it is because she's the first from both my dad's n mom's clan to graduate abroad. She's been studying abroad for many years and i missed her presence around me badly when she was not around. But everything is worth it when i see her slowly turning into an adult and learning to be more independant and am able to take care of herself so well now. She's even the one taking care of me more than me, as the elder sis, do. Whenever i visit her, both Goldcoast or Manchester, she'll always be the one taking care of me and cook for me (f.y.i i only know how 2 cook maggie.. fml)

Hence, for the sake to witness this glory moment of hers i do not mind travelling 13hrs all by myself just to attend her graduation ceremony. It's kinda like a once in a lifetime thingy so i die die also must attend! It's not that bad flying all by myself; just a little bored because i've no one to talk to for 13hours and i've to transit at Dubai airport for 3hours. I've flew alone to visit her in Goldcoast before just this time i've to spend way longer hours in the plane. Anyhow i also want to take this opportunity to thanx 'someone' for upgrading me to business class so i don't have to get cramp up in the economy seat filled with all kinda smells.

21/07/2011 was the day my sister graduated. She was so excited about her graduation ceremony she spent the whole night choosing what clothes to wear on that day what shoes to match n iron nice nice.. lol! Since she have to be there early to get all her robe rental and stuff ready i only walked over to the graduation hall in the afternoon. Thank god her apartment was only 5minutes walk to the hall. Upon reaching, the place was already packed with students and family members; all taking pictures of their own child/sister/brother's prestige moments.

When the ceremony started, i was the one who got nervous and excited pulak. The ceremony was actually just a short one but waiting for her turn was the longest! Her batch was actually one of the last to go up the stage. When her name was announced i was so touched and happy i almost cried but i sucked it on because i didn't want to embarass her.. XD I even planned to shout "I LOVE U SIS!" when she walked up the stage but when the moment came i got too into taking pictures of her on stage i forgot to shout =.=|| After the ceremony i became her private photographer helping her to take pics of her and her friends.

We had a simple dinner celebration with her friends and all went home after that because all of them were too tired for an after party. This special moment of hers might be short but it'll always remain vivid in our memories. Once again, i love u sis and i've never been this proud of u!

the ceremony hall

all these people looked like harry potter-ians 2 me XD

sis waiting for her name 2 be announce.. she looks so tiny lar.. hahahaha!

ceremony completed! woohoo..!~~

outside the graduation hall.. swarmed with happy families and newly graduates.. reli "mountain people mountain sea"!

Congratz sis!!

Sis n her classmates

*throw throw throw*

i is graduate too..!! XD

Manchester Town Hall for sis's Cocktail Party Celebration. The architecture of this hall is superb!

Sis's official graduation cert.. <3

she's gonna kill me if she know i upload this video =p

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