October 4, 2011

Glory Glory Man United!

Honestly speaking, i do not know shit about football nor Manchester United; except for knowing the fact that David Beckham once kicked for them, and Michael Owen too, and...... i think basically that's it. Having many friends around me who are an avid fan of Man U they somehow can't pull me into understanding football because i just don't want to. I don't see where's the fun and thrill of a group of masculine (some even good looking) men running around the field chasing after a ball and some of the footballers are a pretty good actor as well. Why i said so is because when sometimes i sit together with my dad or friends watching their favourite team playing and there'd be one scene where either one of the player from a team accidentally and lightly kicked or hit the opposition's player, he'd go rolling on the ground growling in pain adui adui and all, but once the referee gave the party a yellow card he immediately sprang back up all healed suddenly. Like completely wtf to me. Yea yea.. i know it goes the same to people who don't understand golf will also say "I don't know what's the thrill in watching a man walking a whole good 9-hole course changing sticks hitting a small ball". So let's cut the crap short and just say we have our own point of in view in sports lar k?

Having a chance to visit the mother home of the Man U team, it is of course, a definate must to go visit their stadium. No point going to Manchester without visiting the Manchester United official stadium right? Manchester was raining cats and dogs during my 2weeks visit there making it very inconvenient for my sister to bring me out. Luckily it wasn't raining when it reached the day she planned to bring me to the stadium. It was an approximately half an hour journey from her house to Old Trafford (the place where the stadium is) by bus. Public transports in western countries are really really so damn convenient and safe compared to ours! And some of the bus rides are even free!

Once inside the stadium, there's a small museum about the history of Man U you can visit while waiting for your turn to go into the stadium. This is how it works: you buy your ticket from the entrance and you have to wait till your number is called out. They'll gather a group of 10 people and there'll be a guide who'll guide you around the whole stadium while story telling about the stadium's knicks and knacks. I didn't expect the stadium to be sssoooo huge it takes an hour plus to complete the whole tour! I is amazed. But being a typical girl who have zero knowledge about football a.k.a Man U i felt so lost inside there and i seriously do not know a single shit what that guide was talking about, even when i was inside their museum - all i care about is just to take pics. FML! I even remember asking my sis "Why i no see beckham one?" and she answered something about what captain now is giggs mar and my only response was "Huh? who?"


Me: Hie, i don't think i know u (=.=||)

I've taken a few pictures of the displays of Man U for you Man United fans out there. I may not understand but i'm sure u guys will =)

I know you! Mr Alex Ferguson!

The tragedy that hit the team and 7 talented players sacrificed. R.I.P

i spot david beckham!

the names of fame

And my journey into the stadium begins from the main field:

the guide explaining to us about the rules and regulations of the field, the prices of the seats and the season passes.. bla bla bla

And the tour continues to here:
the "runway" for the players to make their grand entrance..

and this is where the players and manager will stand whenever there's a TV or press interview..

Let's continue to the waiting room where all the players' families, girlfriends, wives and kids will wait while their husband are out there chasing the ball:

This also happens to be the first place where Beckham and Victoria first met and was first introduced to each other.. how sweet! <3

posters of giggs EVERYWHERE!

Not much on the waiting room.. but many! in their locker room! wootz wootz!:

owen owen owen!!

the goalkeeper's jersey.. i may not like football but i like their jerseys <3

Well... that basically round up the whole stadium tour. Nothing much to see and not much fancy nor attracts me (bsides their jerseys) because i ain't much of a fan. I hope it did at least fancied you fans out there though. Here's some pictures of some posters hung along the hallway. Enjoy your so-called virtual Manchester United official stadium by me.. :D

Man U merchandises sold in their official Man U Merchandise Store

Jerseys are also sold for 80pound each.. it's extremely expensive to me but my cousin brother said it is cheap compared to KL so i don't know.. you guys know better =p

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