March 1, 2011

Rainbows and Storms of Bali

I recently re-visited Bali for the second time with a bunch of girlfriends, which also happened to be my first all-girls trip! It was indeed a very fun and memorable trip to the island, u noe how people tend to say "The best accessories are your closest girlfriends" and damn it is right. I never had so much girlie time in my life so far 'coz i never spend such long period of time with them and secondly, i haf only a handful of girlfriends. Who needs alot of friends if majority of them are fakers right? A few true ones are more than enough for me. My first trip to Bali was with my dear; also our first trip overseas together.. damn i had so many 'firsts' in Bali! It was a whole different ballgame.. although u'r in the same island but u'r with different bunch of people which automatically made it into a completely different thing - you noe what i mean. Being there with dear was romantic and all, we explored alot of places, seen alot of things, had alot of wonderful memories together, while me and my girlfriends had a different type of experiences. Our motive for this trip is to celebrate one of my bestie Nai's birthday and also to celebrate us being a quarter of a century old and yet still looking hawd! *perasan* But conclusion is, B.O.T.H are happy memories which i would love to treasure and keep it in my heart <3

So, this all-girls trip was slightly shorter compared to my first trip and we only stayed in Kuta. It was a 5days 4nights getaway and gawd i wished it could last longer. You know what was the best part of this trip? The best part was when we boarded the plane from KL to Bali, the 4 of us have NO IDEA where we'll be sleeping for the next 4nights! Sorry to say but i'm not really the adventurous type where you settle and arrange everything only when you arrive. I almost shit my poopie out worrying where the hell we're gonna stay! To make matters worst, our whole journey to Bali was like crap! It was bumpy and shakey throughout the whole 2hrs journey due to the terribly turbulence. Yet, MAS airline still provided us a fantastic service *thumbs up*

Upon reaching, we were welcomed by this super kind generous amazing local driver who only drives us around for the next 4days to wherever we wanna go. Seriously, Pak Gede gave us V.I.Princess treatments, thankiu Syameel for your wonderful recommendation! Oh.. here's the embarassing part of my trip: I fainted when i was waiting for the girls to buy their local SIM card.. swt! It scared the shit out of my girlfriends.. hahahhahaa! why am i laughing?! *ahem* ok.. yea.. it was due to my low blood pressure and with all the shaking and air pressure and all... i fainted lar.. But it only lasted for like 5minutes? after that i was good as ever, partially thanx to the ferrero rouchers i took from the plane.. kekee! After the fainting scenario, we went for hotel hunting. Pak Gede took us around Legian and Kuta looking for the right hotel. We visited a few hotels and it was SO dodgy! Yes, we wanted a budget one, but no, we can't accept dodgyness! Especially the toilet! Anyhow, since we're a bunch of kinda hawd sex-and-the-city wannabes, god was kind of gentle on us also lar.. he let us find our way to a super awesome hotel just a few steps away from dodgyness; Barong Bali Hotel. It's within our budget, only RM80 per room pernight! They have rooms that can fit all 4 of us, and best of all, they have 2 private pools; 1 facing their DJ stage boom boom boom-ing all the way while u chill in the pool with a glass of margarita layan-ing... the other pool is for the i-wanna-be-alone-and-emo people; no dj stage no boom boom cha cha.. just silent serenade playing in your own soul... chewah..

This was what attracted us at first sight:

See the DJ console and the pool bar? You can dance, drink, and smoke inside pool! How cool is that?! I purposely took a clearer pic in the day so you guys can have a clear look at it.

Us upon arrival.. No sex-and-the-city look today, no make-up, and fark the turbulence!

That's Pak Gede in the blue t-shirt. Can you see the color color lights? That's the pool area!

The other i-wanna-be-alone-and-emo pool i mentioned earlier.. taken from our balcony <3

Our room 418.. 4 girls and 1 unknown invisible 'friend' and i'm not joking.. look at my face.. i'm serious!

The gossip corner

Lurve the wooden craving of their hotel's symbol.. <3

I'm just simply gonna highlight a few important memorable part of this trip, for i can write a novel if i don't. Besides the hotel, the water activities was omg fuiyoh best giler too. Pak Gede brought us to a friend of his who owned a water sports activities centre in Sanur; roughly around 30mins ride from Kuta. Sanur is famous for their calm ambience, suitable for honeymooners and all resorts located there are 5stars and kua cheong-ly built like palaces and 1 night there cost easily RM1k. Each single resorts there are so farking huge u would never wanna attempt to play any hide-and-seek game shit 'coz u'd end up calling the police reporting for a missing person.. seriously. Whatever it is, water sports activities! Ok.. so this Pak Gede's friend Jimmy Cricket (sumthin liddat i forgot his name) introduced us a few packages and averagely 1 activity costs cheapest around RM30 - depending on which activity u wanna take; most expensive one is of course the scuba diving and the RM30 one is of course, the ever-so-retarded banana boat ride. I only chose 2rides amongst the average prices.. no money lar.. thus i swore i will experience the very best out of each rupiah i paid! *kiamsiap sial* I chose the 'Flying Fish' - only available in Bali as claimed by the center's owner, and 'The Donut' - this is available everywhere obviously 'coz my mak ayam Adah said she played it before in Langkawi, or was it Penang? hehee.. 

Picture taking moment before we all get wet and fugly.. Our first ride was the 'Flying Fish'

I doubt by the name of this ride, you'd roughly know how is it going to be right? This big ass pelampung is going to F.L.Y up the sky and i'm so gonna F.L.Y out too.. =.=|| Let me roughly explains: Maximum of 2 person in this erm.. giant float.. the float is tied up to a speedboat; 1 drive the boat and another sits with us in the giant float and his job is to balance the whole damn thing when it's 'flying'

So you lie down (like us) and wave frantically to the camera as if you'll never see the person who's holding the camera again (choi!), hold on to the ropes with your strongest might for if you loose your grip it'll be 'Flying insert-your-name-here'. And since obviously no one was there to take our pics when we were up on the air i googled some images on the flying fish that is 'flying'...

Get the idea now? I was like "owhh i can fly i can fly!" and as bimbo as i sounded, the only part that was missing was go yay! *clap clap clap*

'The Donut' ride - the modified adult version of the same donut float you use in the Sunway Lagoon dunno what Slow River. This modified version is bigger, stronger, and erm.. more adult? Whatever lar.. it has to be 'stronger' right if not how to kena pull by a speedboat rempit-ing with maximum speed and you inside that donut hole being rampage around like a dead doll?! Right?

It's not as easy and relax as how this pic displayed. It's madness sitting on that float! They tied the float to their speedboat and they'll start to speed to somewhere in the open sea and start drifting with the farking boat and you'll be like wwwooaaahhhhh!!!!!!! And you'll be like gonna fall but yau won't fall and your upper teeth will be hitting your lower teeth because of the waves impacts, it's just crazy! But it's way more fun THIS way than sitting in a drift car and go wwwoooahhh *low lame tone*

Good ar! It was definitely worth the lost of our voices, and the terrible muscle aches we got the next day we woke up. Oh.. that's Pak Gede again.. :D

At first, we thought after the water activities we could just hang out there and chill out at their beach since Pak Gede said Sanur's beaches have lesser crowd. Ended up the area we went was only restricted for water activities, no-no sunbathing no-no play splash splash water.. *merajuk* What to do, after a sumptuous nasi padang lunch, we went back to our room and korek some buntot first before we hit the Kuta beach. Oh yea.. we also had a lil surprise; free room service when we were in the room:

Free spaghetti carbonara, some ham sandwiches, and a glass of yucky cocktail that taste worst than cough syrup.. all courtesy of the generous owner and his beautiful wife.. 

Us in same same Bintang shirts <3

Sun, Sea, and Sand! <3

Woohoo..!~ heading to the beach and splash splash water..! But nai somehow ter-flash splash sumthin else pulak... wakakakakkaa! Then she emo and stayed on the beach the whole time.. lol! While she was emo-ing she managed to talked a deal out of some surfer instructors who's willing to teach us how to surf for RM30 an hour.. damn cheap wey! Needless to say... 

We took the challenge! Girls style!~ Adah and nai split the hour lesson and get 30minutes each while i..

... took the 1 whole hour by myself. Honestly? i felt it was more like a get hit by the waves instead of hit the waves lesson! It was extremely exhausting and extremely painful max! My chin hit the board a zillion times, being hit by the huge waves constantly made me breathless and weary till i do not have anymore strength to bring myself up on the board whenever the instructor shouted "UP!" i was like "aaahhh! fark it!" Falling down from the board curled up in the waves and struggling to get a hold of myself seemed so damn farking hard because my leg was tied up to the board and that mother farker board was so damn 7 heavy it somehow controlled me everytime i went underwater! There was one time this super huge wave came and i was supposed to stand up but i couldn't last for less than 3mins; i fell (again) but waves were pushing through continuously i couldn't swim up for air i thought i was gonna drown that very moment! That stupid board pulling my leg only make situation worst, then the strong waves pushed the board and the sharp point of it hit right behind my head! Drowning + no balance + kena hit hard by the board = D.I.E! The moment i opened my eyes; kenot see a thing sumore.. (contact lens) it was only when i felt the sands i knew i got swept back to the shore... THANK GOD! The world would cry if i die k!? *perasan again* Amongst all these dramas, i managed to actually ride the waves successfully (without falling!) and landed smoothly on the sand like erm... twice? i noe.. fml! but the feelings was undoubtedly indescribable.. i screamed like a mad wet monkey when i did my first complete surf. People were looking i knew, but who give a five farks about those people?! They so did not go through what i went through k..

Enough said, last but not least, one of the highlights in Bali is of course, their nightlife. Only these words can describe it: Crazy.Wild.Chaos.Unruly.Havoc. Legian Street is undeniably, THE most happening place to be in Bali when the sun goes down. That stretch of street is basically dead in the day, but when the neon lights go up? It could be heaven for some, but it could also be hell for others. I'm saying this based on what we've seen with our very eyes. Perhaps our point of views are different because we are, after all, just a bunch of girls.. with the weakest self-protection ability and no men to back us up. All of my girlfriends are first-timer to Bali but even when i was here before with my bf and another couple, we've never seen such ugly chaos. Maybe because me and the other girl was protected by our bfs and the locals will somehow have a borderline towards groups like us. After 8pm, the whole of Legian and Poppy Streets will be packed with locals standing at the sides selling shrooms a.k.a magic mushroom, can i say some were even indirectly FORCING you to buy and the way they promote are like as if they're selling some healthy vitamin pills, like wtf!? Young children are commonly seen running around asking money from tourists, while some of the black sheeps in the pack will just behave indecently towards the female tourists if they give them the 'NO' sign. Bare in mind they are ALL kids, easily age between youngest 3-4years old up till 8-9years old max. Can you take action against them or hit them for doing so? nope.. where do they learn all these from? the adults in the packs of course.
There's this particular pathway right outside of Tavern Bar; you can walk 3-4 person in a row during the daylight, but at night it's jam packed with locals selling shrooms, leaving us with only space for 1 person to walk through. This was obviously an advantage for the locals. One night as we were squeezing in through that pathway, an unfortunate Australian girl tourist (i think she's australian coz they're just basically everywhere in Bali) was ganged up by that group of locals harassing her! They just surrounded her and started to touch her everywhere and one even shoved his hands up her mini skirt!! Another girlfriend of hers got pushed away by the locals and she was frantically trying to save her friend out from that circle. To one point the victim starting screaming and pushed them away; luckily she was taller than all of them and was somehow, big sized so i bet she do have some strength in her. It was also thanx to some kind locals who helped dissolved the group and she quickly ran away. Everybody just continued back selling their shrooms as if nothing just happened and the polices were there, watching, and did nothing. Havoc i tell you. Ever since then, we avoided that pathway at all cause! No way we're going to let that happen to US! Hence, my advice is, if you happen to be going to Bali with your bunch of girlfriends too, it's no harm wanting to have some fun, just make sure all of you are alert and help protect each other, and of course.. avoid troubled people and places if you can. 

The hell in heaven Legian Street..

A must-try if you're a drinker. It's called Arak in Bali. They mixed cocktails and pour it into cute plastic bottle tumbler.. just like those we used to bring to school back in primary skool.. lol!

Our fun nights.. but because i'm not a drinker i always ended up drinking more than a glass of RM6 coke.. fml max!

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