December 13, 2010

My Top10 wish list~

*jingle bell jingle bell* i love December! Although it's the ending month of the year but it's also the festive month where all the joyful celebrations like Christmas, New Year eve, and also me and dear's anniversary fall.. under the month of D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R *jumping with joy* But apparently, sad to say, the x-mas decorations this year are not really that nice.. most of the malls are recycling their last year's decors. In a nice way they're so-called 'recycling'; saving mother earth, but in another way.. they got no budget! wth! But anyhow, decors i saw in Mid Valley, 1Utama, and Pavillion still make me feels like "ooOOhhh... x-mas!" made me feels so happy like a lil girl everytime i walked past their centre stage.

This is also the month where everybody is out for x-mas shopping; buying presents for their family and loved ones, while places like IKEA is super crowded with families on weekends scoping for nice house decorations and new furnitures. I'm not a Christian but yet i enjoy celebrating x-mas; not in a traditional religion way. Who doesn't enjoy buying and receiving presents from the one u love? Besides your own birthday, i bet x-mas is the only excuse that u can use to buy gifts for people or ask your own bf/gf to buy one for u.. *here's the main point*  XD

You know the hardest part is not forking out that certain amount of money to buy the presents.. but it's the thinking-what-to-buy part is the hardest! Seriously, i don't know if it's just me who's fussy or it's just THAT hard thinking of something nice, memorable, and suitable for that particular person. I don't wanna buy something for my family, my dear, and my friends who'll end up not using it because it doesn't ngam them.. n it'll b wasted.. y'all know what i mean? It's not about the money, it's about the effort!

So... in order to make life easier for the people who love me, i made up a TOP10 x-mas wishlist as a references for them. hahahahahhaha! i know.. i memang tak malu sial.. but wtf! i'm just trying... hoping... they'll get the idea! aahhahahaa! But basically it's only meant for 2 person.. they shud noe who they're.. or at least i hope they know i'm talking about them.. do u? Whatever it is.. here's my top10 list:

1) Canon S95! I've alwiz wanted a camera of my own and this wud be perfect because it's affordable yet the results are amazing!

2) Chanel Chance - me n mom's all-time favourite.. she introduced me to the importance of perfume and until today, i can't live without it.

3) This is more like a daily use compared to Chanel Chance.. 'coz it's cheaper.. =p but i really do love the sweet apple scent..deliciously yours: DKNY Green

4) I've been craving for this bag since last year! But just couldn't save enough money to buy it.. coz i suck at managing my financial! Hopefully i can buy it when i go to UK next year, and hope it'll be cheap.. *cross my fingers tight tight*

5) Double G belt.. simple and nais

6) Blythe doll - dai dai oso i'm gonna buy 1 1day! i love u blythe!!

7) I want a new family member! A sugar glider or maltese... my dad's SO gonna kill me.. but I DUN CARE! I WANT!!

8) A soothing and pampering holiday getaway... anywhere lar as long as it's out of m'sia.. just imagine: chilling in a hot jacuzzi tub with dear and a glass of champagne.. followed by a nice massage.. hmm..

9) This is what every girl wants... a complete new wardrobe!

10) Ok.. this is supposed to be on my Top3.. but then somehow, dear kinda read my mind and bought me a new lappie as our anniversary present! thankiu dear once again.. i lup u..

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