November 22, 2010

Mount Whistler

How i wish... how i wish Malaysia has 4 seasons so i can haf 4 wardrobe n also the weather doesn't have to be this freaking H.O.T everyday..! It reminds me of the cool days i used to have when i was in Canada few years back.. and how stupid was i at that time to think if only i was back at Malaysia at that exact moment.. because the weather was too friggin cold pulak.. *ass itchy* Especially when i first stepped on a snowy mountain.. i couldn't even feel my nose!

The first ever snow mountain a.k.a ski mountain i step foot on was Mount.Whistler Blackcomb, Canada. It was a sight to behold because i've never actually been to a ski mountain before..... wait.... i think i did. many many years back when i went to Korea with my mom.. but that doesn't count because i cowardly backed out when i actually paid to play on the stupid ski thing because it was too damn cold and i beh tahan! i ended up sitting at the cafetaria sipping on hot tea and enjoying the heater. FML!

Just a rough introduction on Mount.Whistler: The place is actually a major ski resort located up north Vancouver and it is also considered as one of the largest ski resort in North America. *coolies* They also won and hosted the 2010 Winters Olympic..! How even more cool is that?! When i was there, me and my sis also sat on the highest and longest UNSUPPORTED cable car span in the WORLD! Their cable car was erm.. dangling in mid air and if your shoes were loose at that time and happen to slip off ur feet... u can say babai to ur shoes lar.. it was scary ok!~ What i kind of like about this place is that the whole area is dog-friendly.. alot of locals there actually took their dog up there to god-knows-why... maybe for a breeze walk... or maybe they're trying to train their dog to be the "Next America's Top Dog".. i dunno..

On our way up to the mountain, we stopped by this place called "Shannon Falls". What makes Shannon Falls so special is their waterfall.. the locals called it "Maiden's Hair" because the waterfall forms a figure of when a maiden let go of her long wavy flowly hair.. =p  the scene was very picturesque though.. with the snowy mountains at the background and trees  with pink and orangie leaves.. it just felt as if u'r inside a piece of art.. <3

i couldn't reli take a clear view of the waterfall because the branches were blocking.. =(

the picturesque scenery and the pinkie leaves i mentioned earlier.. =)

me and my typical tourist pose.. lol!

Doggie alert!!~

And they have tis! Special waste bin for ur doggie's poo poo.. kewl!~

The scary looking world's longest unsupported hanging cable car..

aaahahh... very the scared ar...!

lol! i ain't afraid of heights lar.. ain't nothing is high enough for me!! The journey up to the mountain was windy and we couldn't even feel our nose.. but once we stepped foot on the mountain, the only word we could utter was "waaahhhh!!" the view was extremely breathtaking!

First and foremost, we were greeted by this snowman once we abort the cable car..

Our first footstep on Mount.Whistler <3

What say u? the view is just fantastically awesome-licious rite??!

Dn manage to take much cam-whoring pics because the people there told us we can't on our electronic gadgets too long for the temperature up on the mountain will eventually spoil itt.. =(
But anyhow the memories are and will be vivid in my mind coz it's just spectacular.. i just miss this place so much!~

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