November 18, 2010

Cherating Pet Trip 2010

Last weekend i had the most enjoyable and memorable trip to Cherating.. Petster Magazine and Bestour Travel organized the first ever pet trip; i know many has brought their pets out of KL and have their own private vacation with their furkids and stuff.. what i meant by 'first' was it's the first ever pet trip done by any travel agency in KL. *so proud* lol! The 3days 2nights trip to Ruby's Resort, Cherating was fully booked not long after the advertisement were out in Petster mag and the trip turned out to be a success! *clap clap clap* The preparation for the trip was tough for we have to search high and low for a travel bus that can accommodate dogs.. sponsorships.. specific dog food brands as per requested by our customers for their furkids.. bla bla bla.. and ALL of the team's hardwork was worth it.. i have to say mainly it's the team's hardwork lar because i rarely did much to help.. =.=
The trip started off last friday 12th Nov until yesterday 14th Nov. We stayed at Ruby's Resort because it is a pet-friendly resort (like duh!~) The resort is located in between of Club Med and Impiana and they share the same beach; thus, needless for me to say how clean the beach is. Ruby's resort is a great place to chill out with your furkids for the place is quite isolated from the rest which means u can have all the quiet private time on your own. You can see the differences of Ruby's from the rest of the resorts in Cherating.. their ambience brings peace to your mind and warmness to your heart. Ruby, the owner, has alot alot of pets that roam freely at the resort. Stout and Princess are her main mascots while i-dunno-how-many cats are all so FAT! She even has a wired area for rabbits, chickens, and some goose.

Upon arriving on the first day, the customers were greeted by lots and lots of free gifts given by our sponsors.. the dogs were so excited, tails wagging high-speed mode, smelling each other's butts making new friends. After a quick freshen up, the owners wasted no time and already start bringing their furkids exploring the resort and going down to the beach. I love to see the sight of the owners strolling along the beach, running around, n getting wet with their pets. It's just so warm and happy and the bond between them are just so strong and like there's nothing that could break them apart.. seeing all of them spending such quality time with their furkids made me missed my babies soooo badly... i couldn't bring them along because i have to help the team to look after everything.. never mind.. i shall bring them there one day...  It was raining throughout the days we were there though.. blame it on the monsoon! But still all of us managed to have fun.

This is my second time there and honestly i think the first time was more chillax.. even though there were no furkids except for Stout and Princess.. i like it more on our first trip because the weather was nicer... no rain at all.. slightly hot but just nice for me.. 'coz this trip i practically freezed my ass off! i thought the weather was gonna be the same so i packed really light clothings like shorts and tank tops.. mana tau it rained everyday and the wind was blowing so strong! and i have barely nothing to warm myself.. *sob sob* we had steamboat on our first night and barbeque on the second.. i wished i could just lay myself on the barbeque grill and soak myself on the hot steamboat as if i'm soaking on a hot water tub... It usually starts to rain during evening until night and on the last day there the boys wanted to play football but got not enough kaki.. hence they pulled me along and be their goalkeeper.. so ok lor.. weather was nice no rain y not join the boys right... so playing halfway suddenly IT STARTED TO RAIN! and i kenot leave because they want to play under the rain.. n i for no reason have to be in the rain..! like fml! i so did not sign up for this! huhuhuhuhu! then it was freezing x100! FMLx1000000! hahahahahahhaa... i still had fun lar ok... minus the rain.. because it wet my hair.. =(

Overall.. the whole trip was F.U.N! and i hope the customers felt the same way too.. Petster is already planning for the second pet trip and those who wanted to join our trip.. just stay tune for the latest info by adding them in Facebook!/pages/Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia/PETSTER/321538315743

Petster invades Ruby's Resort..!

The comfortable chill out zone where we kind of spent most of our time there.. Dear brought his guitar along but didn't manage to open his own mini concert because the only fan he has is the cat XD

Introducing Stout, Ruby's Resort mascot. I assumed u shud have guessed how he got the name base on his colour..

This is Ruby's second mascot: Princess the labrador! She's extremely friendly with the cats n she alwiz goes over n lick them.. lol! It's a surprise how the cats and dogs here managed to live harmoniously together.. how i wish my sons could do that too.. and if u wanna know what are the cats usual activity is..

S.L.E.E.P!! wtf! eat, sleep, eat, sleep, sunbathe, sleep.. damn syok wey! i also wanna be a cat!

I is especially love this cat because she has green eyes and FAT! just like puss in boots Shrek3! Colour oso same.. the only different is this one doesn't wear boots..

Lemme introduce to u this very special dog. His name is Roger, furkid of a family that joined our trip. What's so special about him is; he only likes girls and only let girls touch him and get near to him. He dislikes guys.. especially yeong sui ones.. like *ahem* Danny.. hahhahaha! and i'm not joking btw.. it's true!

Above is Mocha and this is Chocolate.. they are the smallest furkid in the group and their owners are also a super sweet couple.. :D

Fabian and his son Gordon at the background.. their fur is like those hair u see in Pantene TVC.. damn soft! wtf!

The furkids and their owners are our priority... so everytime while the owners are having their lunch or dinner at the cafe, we'll be at the "Dog Food Production House" a.k.a the girls' room preparing lunch or dinner for the furkids.. f.y.i all bowls are different in brands n flavor.

Stout chilling out at the beach.. he's so black until kenot c his eyes.. lol!

Owners enjoying some bonding time with their furkids.. there're so many actions going on the beach i couldn't capture them all.. =(

The beach was full of paw prints.. me likey!

If only you guys could see how heavy the rain was at that time.. and seriously..

i did not sign in to play under the rain! and yeapz.. i can camwhore while being the goalie.. tis is what i called multitasking babeh!

Petster's yakuza team.. they're so yakuza-ish till they don't let me to leave despite the heavy rain.. reason is they're lack of kaki.. =(

These are just some lomo shots i wanna share.. hehee!

I finally officially used my FujiFilm Poloraid Cammie! It was a birthay gift from my sister this year and i haven't got a chance to use it till now.. <3

me and dear's last pic at cherating... which also is my first pic wearing my new specs.. lol!

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