October 5, 2010

Shophaholic on the loose!

My sis asked me the other day if i'm down with a disease and if i need to go see a doctor or not.. i was shocked at that question and during that moment i really thought i was sick without me realizing it myself! so i asked what disease did she think i got and she replied "shopaholic disease!" wtf!? scared the hell out of me! i brushed it off but she continued saying "really wat..! everything u see u also wanna buy.. u can never stop shopping for once! u say lar.. if u'r unhappy will u go shopping?" and i replied "of coz lar! whenever i'm unhappy i'll go shopping.. BUY BUY BUY and then i'll be happy back!" "SEE?! u confirm need to see doctor alredi" so i went back home n think.. true also what she said.. but i'm happy with this disease! how?! Sitting here alone in Starbucks with my laptop on and don't know what to do.. i've been thinking and thinking about what should i write since i've not been updating my blog for awhile.. then i realised Starbucks now are doing a tumbler collection in conjunction of Pike's Place; the first Starbucks in Seattle. I've been to that place and the only thing that i remember about Seattle is shopping; which i can't do so right now because it's already almost midnight.. hence i decided to search back some pictures while i was in Seattle where i had my first massive shopping spree.. surfing through those memories sure did cheered me up.. XD

Me n my sis followed a local tour agency's trip to Seattle back when we were in Canada last 2 years. Although it was just a 1day trip but it was indeed a fun n memorable one 'coz me n my sis really basically sapu-ed quite alot of stuff there! We called it a shopping trip for the itinerary includes a stop to Seattle's biggest factory outlet and their duty free mall. Our first stop once we passed the immigration was to the factory outlet. The tour guide only gave us 1 and a half hour to shop there (included lunch)!! Honestly it was NOT enough!! Me and my sis decided to skip lunch (time is precious!!) and used it fully on shopping. We even marked our shopping route in the map given to us earlier so we can save more time in finding the shops blindly. Imagine how semangat we were at that time.

BUT... but but but but but...! Something happened in the middle of our shopping craze... WE GOT LOST!! Or to be exact: me and my sister got separated!! and she forgot to bring her phone out and i couldn't reach her! I spent at least half an hour searching for her.. but in the end when i realised the time running out and i'll not be able to do any shopping if i continue waiting like that, i thought to myself: "F**k it lar.. she's big enough to find her own way to the bus later, i might as well go shop for my things first maybe i'll bump into her or i'll just meet her back at the bus later" Hence, i continued my hunt while keeping an eye on my lost sis.. i swear i oni went to those shops that i'm interested at and never bother to linger to those non-interested shops; i remembered when i was queuing up to pay for my last shop stop my phone rang, IT WAS MY SIS!! "OI! where are you oh??!! the whole bus is waiting for u leh!!" I was like "huh?? waiting for me?? now what time already oh??" I looked at my watch; FARK! ADI LATE HALF AN HOUR!!! The queue was so damn bladi long and when it was my turn to pay the cashier was like "hie how are you? how's your day? where are you from..? bla bla bla..." in my heart i was like "can u PLEASE hurry up?? i got a bus full of people waiting for me at the entrance..!" Once i was done, i basically ran all the way to the entrance with a handful of shopping bags (yes i don't k about my image anymore because i is super late!) those people must have thought that i'm one of those gone-mad-shopaholic on the run.. *haih* whatever lar as if i'm ever going back there again in at least another 5 years time.. i saw the tour guide waiting anxiously for me (he thought i was lost because my sis lied) but i stupidly went and bocor my own rahsia by saying "sorry i was late the queue was super long" (-.-||) As usual when i got up the bus, those irritated angry glances shone at me brighter than the sunlight.. i was  like "woahh.. panas!" macam slumber i just put on my shades trying to avoid eye contacts, quickly sat down, and turned to my sis so excitedly telling her what i bought XD

The tour guide brought us to a few other tourist spots including the Seattle's Space Needle Centre. Upon reaching there, i went to the tour guide n told him that me and my sis are not going in because we want to continue shop walk around. Honestly it was because i saw a Coach retail shop down the road and was actually quite dulan i didn't manage to buy myself ANYTHING from the Coach at the factory outlet earlier! But before that, i was SO hungry after all the walking, shopping, sis-hunting, and running, we had to get some food for our poor starving stomachs first n thank god there's MCD everywhere. I remembered it was changing season that month: Winter-Summer and Seattle was super HOT compared to Vancouver. We spent a night at The Sheraton Hotel Seattle, the hotel was beautiful, and their services was awesome! They have limousine shuttle services to the nearest shopping malls and to this big-ass super huge supermarket that is almost heaven for us.. the minute we entered our jaw dropped (abit like jinjang joe) we can find EVERYTHING there!! They should actually replace that 'ding-dong' sound (like wat 7-E has) with that omg-i-saw-jesus/the light soundtone like the ones u normally hear during scenes like that in a comedy. I'm serious! We shopped like nobody's business there buy this snack lar buy that chocolate lar this ice-cream i also wan lar.. everything lar!
The chauffeur treated us very nice because he thinks it was very brave of us to travel by ourselves.. nah this is what i call service! They don't discriminate or looked down on us because we're just some teenage brats who might not have the ability to tip! Somemore this is a F.O.C service!! No tip needed!!
The next day we visited a few more other tourist spots like the Seattle's Aquaria, Seattle's Argosy Harbor Cruise and The Plane Museum. And i'm gonna skip explaining about what's there to see at those places because it is boring n it does NOT make me that happy. i wan talk about shopping oni i don't k! Our last shopping stop before we head back to Vancouver was the Seattle's Duty Free Shop. I almost went crazy (again) in there because the perfumes are selling at an extremely unbelievable low price! The price for 1 Chanel Mademoiselle here = i can buy 2 there..! I sapu-ed (AGAIN) macam orang giler.. until i never even bother to check properly what i took, for when i reached back my aunty's house in Vancouver only did i realised that i took a Chanel allure body lotion instead of the perfume.. WTF! never mind lar.. can use also (although until now i haven't start using it yet).

I had such a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience there it can even make me feel so hyper excited recalling back those scenes to my friends, myself, and by writing it down now. I feel happiieee naw!!~ i wanna go back there again..!

The Seattle's Space Needle..

The home of mariners.. the tour guide said this road gets super packed with people everytime there's a game going on..

Look! Super cute police patrol car!

Somehow this old couple blend into the wall decor of this infamous fish&chip restaurant next to the Argos Harbor Cruise.. XD

Sis had the last plate of the fish&chips.. =(

While i seattled for fried scallops.. but it was still nice coz it was sooo fresh!

Argos Harbor Cruise..

Seattle city view from the cruise boat.. :D

The Plane Museum...

Our room in Sheraton Hotel.. super nice ambience! i like!

Snack shopping at the supermarket near to our hotel.. so many varieties of snacks that KL dun haf.. *heaven*

i wanna introduce this chips.. it's called hawaiian baked chips or something like that.. damn nais until i almost finish the XL packet! missed it sooo much.. it's way better than Lays!

Our fruitful shopping spree!

And i bought a Coach dog collar for my Benji too..! Only rm60plus.. worth every single cent because they don't sell it here in M'sia.. XD

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