June 11, 2009

REPOST: Victoria Island

One of the local tours we followed when we were in Vancouver were to Victoria Island BC. Victoria Island is a beautiful island surrounded by historical landmarks and beautiful architecture buildings. We were given only approximately 5hours to explore the island. We have only limited time but too many places and things to explore. Many of the other tour members decided not to visit the museums but to just walk around the island. Our tour guide, Tony suggested us to go for high-tea at a very luxury international hotel 'Fairmount Empress' as the hotel is famous for their high-tea. Me and my sister decided to not waste our time sipping english tea, hence we visited the Wax Museum located at the inner harbour, which is just 5minutes walk from the city centre.

Tony brought us for a brief tour before letting us walk on our own. He brought us to a small fountain place where it is nicely decorated with statues and flags. In front of the fountain stood a big black rectangular box. He also briefly explained to us the story of the box. He said, 10 years ago, a few people came up with an idea to gather what they have in hand at that time, put it in the box, lock it, and bury it. Then, 10 years later, open back the box and compare the technology and differences between the material they put in 10 years ago and 10 years later. I peeped in and saw some really really old school telephone, typewriter, and a newspaper dated the date they gathered and buried the box. At that very moment, i had this urge to break the box and steal the telephone because it's so unique and so vintage!! It's very hard to be able to get 1 of those design nowadays, even if i can, it'd be very expensive and not 100% original.

The Victoria Island Wax Museum was alot of fun. The museum was divided into many categories - Famous politicians and royalties, Inventors, Moviestars, Fairytale characters, and many more. Inside the fairyland, there is this small dark room where 'The Torture Chamber' signboard hangs at the entrance door - not deadly, but the 3D way. Inside the 'chamber' were shown how prisoners were tortured back in the old days, what kind of criminals get what kind of punishments. We did not stay long for the room gave me a cold eery feeling. The walls were painted black and the lights were red, and scary voiceovers to complete the whole 'dead' feel. The minute we pushed the exit door, we were greeted by bright happy colourful scenario - Fairytale Land. I like the concept of this wax museum; not only they use the basic recorded voiceover to introduce the character, they also robotised some of the characters to make it look more lively. I'm not sure if other wax museums have the same concept for this is my second trip to a wax museum, my first was 11years back, in Singapore. So, you can't blame me if i sound like a jinjang k?

Surprisingly, everyone went back to the tour bus earlier than the time scheduled. Maybe because there's nothing much to venture and see about when we were only given such limited time and walking distance. (We were only allowed to walk around the city centre). After visiting the wax museum, did a little shopping, walked around the city centre, sat down and starbucked, we looked at the time "What?! Still got time?? Where shall we go now?!" Luckily when we walked back, majority of the tour members was already sitting inside the bus with "I'm so bored can we go now?" look.

After visiting Inner Harbour and the city centre, we then went to Butchart Garden, which is also located somewhere in Victoria Island. I'll blog about that soon. If you love flowers, you will love my next post. =)

Victoria Island Parliament Building.

I don't know why at that time i didn't take a picture of the things inside the box and only took this not-clear-at-all picture. But, can also lar har..

Fairmount Empress Hotel - beautiful

City centre

The presidents of United States

The Royalties

Queen Elizabeth

Me with Prince William and Princess Diana *hehee* perasan - Princess Diana doesn't look quite her though.

Albert Einstein

The genius phone inventor - Alexander Graham Bell

Mahatma Gandhi

The most noble Mother Theresa

This is Terry Fox. He is considered one of Canada's most noble hero because he ran for the Marathon of Hope with one prosthetic leg to raise fund for cancer.

OOooohh... look! It's Pinocchio and Jimmy the cricket!!

Snow White - She's one of the robotised wax doll. Her stomach was made moving up and down as if she was breathing.

Cute little Red Riding Hood and the evil wolf - i like their wallpaper though. =)

EEEeee.. can see her pantie... white colour one.. =p

SUPARMAN!!~ So ngam i was also wearing red and blue, which make me SUPARGIRL!!

Jesus's last supper. *Amen*

The wax heads are seriously really scary. They also managed to make business out of it - pay them money to let them make you your own wax head like the ones in the picture. And then stuff it into your luggage bag and bring your own head back home. wtf

And now i want to end the post...



  1. so cool, kindda like the madame tussaude aof england k!!
    when are we gonna travel together?

  2. yeapz!~ we shall travel together to london n visit the madame tussaude!!~