June 17, 2009

Butchart Garden

After our short tour to the city centre of Victoria Island, we then continue our journey to the second destination - Butchart Garden, which is also located somewhere of the inner island. It was raining when we reached, although it made our trip slightly inconvenient; with the umbrella and the wet muddy ground and stuff, all these doesn't matter anymore the minute we entered the garden. It was SO beautiful!!~ It is a flower paradise in there. When i entered the main garden entrance, i thought i've reached heaven.

The Butchart Garden offers 55acres of floral displays. Tulips, Roses, Lilies, Sakuras, you name it they have it. There were even many many more different types of flowers that i've never seen nor heard of the name before. The garden was scented with natural perfumes, and added with the smell of after rain. Me and my sis just couldn't resist taking pictures of almost every single flower grown there. It's a MUST visit if you happen to be in Canada.
I can't explain to you how beautiful the garden is, thus i must let the pictures do the talking. It'd be a perfect landmark for bridal shoots and Bollywood movies. Eh, wait, erm.. no no. I take Bollywood back, because i realise they'd only have beds of flowers to roll around but no big trees to play peek-a-boo. But still, it's really really very very beautiful!

The entrance to flowery heaven

The Roman Garden

The Japanese Garden

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