June 5, 2009

REPOST: Canada & Alaska trip Part 2

As i promised, in this episode, i will be bringing you all for a stroll at Stanley Park and Chinatown. My dear tour members, let's go!!

First stop - Stanley Park. This park is one of the many parks in Vancouver. Why is it so different from the others you ask? Because it's the largest park in Vancouver and one can't be able to explore the entire park in a day time. Thus, you might also need to drive from point A to point B as walking will be a long distance. Another reason why Stanley Park is a must-go tourist spot is because you can overview the whole of Vancouver city's skyscrapers. I went there twice - once with aunt Yen, and the other with the tour group. I love the environment there. Clean fresh air, clean place (you can hardly see any rubbish on the floor), and alot alot of woofies!~ Majority of the joggers there will be accompanied by their bestfriend - woofie. The owner jog on his own and the woofie following behind. Wherelse teenagers will usually come in a group and cycle together; either you rent or you bring your own. 6 seaters bicycles are also available for rental, convenient most for families. Have you ever ridden in a 6 seaters bicycle? I haven't, but i enjoy watching those people riding it. It looks like they were having so much fun, and yet struggling between laughs and balancing the bike. It needs alot of team work and cooperation to get this bike rolling.

This park has an amazing ambience, be it the people, or the city sights. Birds are happily chirping and playing around freely - flying or on ground. They are not afraid of the people as they know they mean no harm. I also sighted a few wild gooses walking around the park, looking for food. They, are also free to roam about carefreely. Joggers will sometimes feed them bread too. How nice. Aunt Yen told me that one time, a China national actually caught some of those gooses and brought it home for DINNER. In the end, he or she was caught and fined. wtf. After visiting Stanley Park, for a second there i did thought that i WILL actually pick up jogging IF there's such a nice pollution-free park here in KL.

Let us not stop here. I will give you guys all the time you want to view the pictures i took later. We shall now proceed to our second destination - Chinatown.

Erm, there's actually not much to introduce about this place. There's nothing unique nor special about this place as every country has a Chinatown, including our own. Or it is better known as Petaling Street. BUT!! Vancouver's Chinatown is a very peaceful, clean, and pirated-friendly place. No pirated branded bags, NO pirated DVDs, and NO uneducated DVD sellers hurling bad words and nasty things to shoppers and passerbys. Walking along the streets, i see shops selling dried seafood, Chinese clothing, antiques, and many many Chinese restaurants. Therefore, Aunt Yen said that local Chinese will not shop or eat in Chinatown because the prices are extremely expensive, and the food are not so nice compared to those individual Chinese restaurants open outside of Chinatown. She also mentioned how the angmohs will order when they're dining in one. "When you dine in any chinese restaurant here, DO NOT order Chap Choy (mix veggies) as it is only 'specially' cook for angmohs. They'll always and only order 'Chap Choy'. That's the only food they know how to order. It taste horrible but the angmohs love it!" Me and my sister had actually dined a few times in several Chinese restaurants, and we did noticed how the angmohs next to us ordered "One Chap Choy please." Laughed like shit. So, put it in mind readers. If you happen to dine at a chinese restaurant in ANY western country, DO NOT ever ever order 'CHAP CHOY', because the moment you eat it you'll go "CHOI!! What kind of food is this??!!" Hahaha!~ Ok, syok sendiri. =p

Enough nonsense for today. Let us put on our imagination cap now and enjoy the pictures below while i need to go figure out where to bring you all to next. =)

Stanley Park:

The tourist attraction - Stanley Park Horse Drawn Tours. I didn't go for it because my uncle has a car thus we don't need the horsie's service.

Cute but smelly little horsie
The picturesque view of Vancouver City from the park:
Beautiful mother earth's creations - bright sun, strong trees, colorful flowers, and a butt-wagging goose??
Totems are one of the traditions amongst Canadian Natives. Each totem represent a different tribe - you can see the differences through the carvings of the totem. Every single animal or individual carved on the totem has their own meaning. Normally the character carved at the most top represent the god they pray. There'll be more pictures of totems soon, because they are just everywhere!!

Other views of Stanley Park:

Lame-O Chinatown:- There was nothing nice to capture at Chinatown that we just simply took a few shots outside the restaurant we ate and headed straight to Robson Street a.k.a

On the way to Robson Street, we passed by this town where they have this special attraction called 'The Steam Clock'. Once the long needle strikes twelve, the clock will.. erm.. steam. Wait, i'm making it sound obscene. Ok, i meant there'll be smoke coming out from the steam clock. People will gather around the clock and wait for it to steam (i'm sounding obscene again). They'll go Oooo... and Wowww.. and AAhhh.. and then walk away when there's no more smoke coming out from it. Weirdos.

The Mighty Steaming Clock..

Wonder why i'm missing?? Try and notice the picture above; there's a green shop behind it, then you'll know where am i. =p

LOOK!!~ I know this is not related but i just wanted to say I SPOTTED A FERRARI like it's such a big deal when it's not. I saw many nice sport cars here in Vancouver that are not available in Malaysia, like the Honda Civic 2-doors. I'll SO immediately buy it if they have it here!! Seeing all these beautiful cars made me think and miss my dear even more. He'll absolutely love it here as it'll be a paradise for him. The cars are cheap and more variety, more Mustang cars, and NO bumps on the roads nor even holes, unlike the road condition in KL - disastrous, and the bumps - unorganized.

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