May 27, 2012

Journey of my 2012

Yes, i realized i haven't been blogging since 2011. Too many things had happened throughout this period of time that had somehow made me lost hope in life, too many ups and downs that i myself don't seem to be able to cope up with. L.O.S.T is the only word that can describe me.

But as time goes by, i'm slowly picking up myself, trying to drive myself back to the right road, the right direction. It's slowly going somewhere i assume. A bad journey may not be that bad if i try to look at the bright side of it. I've grown tougher, stronger, and more mature in many ways.

I know nobody might wanna give a damn about my suck up life and probably nobody will even bother to read. But it's ok.. i love to write and thus i shall write whatever i wanna write! I shall continue with this blog as i do not want to leave it hanging just like that. Am trying to give a new twist to it besides just blogging about my travel experiences. I will try my best to update my blog more frequently than i used to and hopefully i won't bore you guys to death. Support me as i'm trying to get back up to who i used to be! Your supports meant alot to me, let me know my efforts are not flushed into the toiletbowl!

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